Young People Wanting To Be In Love



This is the same advice I gave to my younger sister who is no longer “young” and my younger cousins:

If you are 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, there is no need for you to be in a relationship. All that will do to you is break your heart over and over and over again, only for you to grow bitter in age, become insecure and hurt yourself in the process. At the same time, you expect these men after them to fix what has been broken and that is your mind and especially our heart. Not a single individual in this world can fix that for you except Allah and yourself. At such a young age, there is only a need to work on yourself and nobody else. You have so much potential at that age that can be ruined because of a man whose only need at that age is sex.

Grow to be a better person. Grow to love what you want to do. Grow to be a better Muslim. Men will come and go all your life and you know this. Im not telling you anything that you already don’t know. You think, what most people think, “there isn’t another guy out there like him.” You are right, there isn’t because there is someone better than him. At this age, you see other people’s happiness because you can’t find it in yourself, so you want what others have. Understand, you cannot have what others have, you can only have what you have been given and can only appreciate what you have been given and that will only happen when either you realize it or it is taken from you. If you work on yourself now, I can guarantee you, in years time, that right person will come into your life when you least expect it because you’ve worked on yourself all this time.

Read the Qur’an everyday, if not, as often as you can. Pray your salah and make that connection with Allah. If you have Allah there is nothing else you need. In due time, the right person will come, in the mean time, put yourself at the forefront of your own life, take control of it and work on yourself. If you don’t, as you get older, you will become insecure. You will become bitter. You will hurt yourself and hurt other great people who try to be with you. Don’t let this happen to you. Be smart. Be wise and know that you have a long journey in this life. Don’t let a person ruin it because they never appreciated you. Learn to appreciate yourself. Love yourself and be ready for anything in life. The right person will come but you need to be right and happy with yourself. Marriage is there to protect you so only seek marriage and not boyfriend and girlfriend fling as this is temporary and with no guarantees.

10 thoughts on “Young People Wanting To Be In Love

  1. No longer “young” but this was still a great reminder. I don’t want to walk around with damaged goods, because being that way is being ungrateful to everything you already have in your life. I’m so glad uplifting, positive people like you exist. May Allah bless you with peace and happiness. You’re gonna make an awesome spouse, inshaAllah. (Sorry if that was too blunt, lol.)

    • JazakAllah khair, Nina.

      Don’t walk around that way and be that way. It takes so long to recover from. What I know and people I’ve given advice to and been involved with, it takes long to recover from.

  2. Masha Allah. Love this post. I would have to agree with all the advice that you have given.If anything else, I would recommend the book “Reclaim your Heart” by Yasmin Mogahed. Very good book and also very eye opening. It changed my life and I think it can can other people’s life as well. 🙂

    • JazakAllah khair, Sanya.

      I’ve heard lots of things good things about that book. Yasmin is a great person and one of the women, if not people I look up to. She is a very inspiring person, masha’Allah!

  3. Amazing Read. Alhamdulillah. While reading this post, I recalled the following hadith. “If a person is not able to get married for some reason, then they should fast.” I feel this very hadith is a component and would also work wonders with regards to constructing ones better self before marriage. I think.
    Jazakallah for sharing your thoughts on the topic.

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