You Are More Than Just A …..



Women, you are more than a hijab model and a make up artist. You are made from the best lineage of women. Hawa (Peace Be Upon Her) and all the other Prophets wives (Peace Be Upon Them All), who have set blueprints to be the BEST of women. You are also more than just a scarf on your head to sell to other women. Trends will fade, while your knowledge will increase. The knowledge you get teaches a whole nation. You are born to be mothers of a new generation, who will lead others to a better destination. Do not be a follower but a leader! Intelligence is embedded in your genes. Not what scarf will match with your make up, abaya, flats and jeans. Fashion is temporary. Looks are temporary. Each will fade. If you have knowledge, you can teach it to your kids, who will teach other kids, who will teach more kids. Knowledge is powerful and like a stream of water, ever existing and flowing. You are more than just a pretty face, how to teach others how to be a pretty face but if nothing changes and affects the soul, then all you’ve did was affect the image. Which is washed off and removed, then reality hits and still self-esteem is low and nothing is learned. Nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful but be more than just that. You are a walking billboard but be for the right reasons.

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    I like this post. For starters, being a woman is difficult. Society tells you so many things. You’re free but you’re condemned for the choices you make. You’re encouraged to make use of what is “yours” i.e your body, then criticized for any choice you make with it.

    Being a Muslim woman is even more difficult, and far more confusing. You have very clear rules set by Islam, then you have what society is screaming at you, and it more often than not contradicts what Islam says. We’re humans, we’re social creatures so we want to please the majority, but we want to please Allah SWT at the same time. We’re women, it is in us to want to look beautiful and beautify everything around us. So you combine both, the view of society and Islam, and that creates… Hijabi makeup gurus, figure hugging clothes combined with headscarfs, etc. The height of confusion. Because Islam can’t be compromised.

    SO. It’s nice to be reminded of our roots. Of the women we’re supposed to look up to.

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