Ramadan Mubarak To Everyone



With Ramadan starting tomorrow for me, I’d like to say, well, write, If I have said or have written anything wrong to anyone on this page, then I apologize. My intent is to not offend anyone but for my writings to benefit others, to uplift, inspire and motivate people. I just want you all to make du’aa for me that if one day, I happen to become successful, famous, well known or whatever it may be for my writings, that it does not change me but it helps me become the best version of myself.

Make this Ramadan your best one ever because it may not come again. Read the Qur’an, make lots of du’aa (supplications), give zakat if you are able to, give sadaqa, feed others, help your parents as they are fasting and maybe working. If you know anyone that has converted to Islam, make them feel welcome this Ramadan. Invite them into your home so they can experience Ramadan as you have for many years. Make the experience memorable. If you have broken any ties of kinship, go ahead and call up a family member and apologize even if you were hurt by what they did. It may be your last Ramadan or theirs. There is no need to hold grudges over something that has ruined something great like family. And most important of all, strive to be best you can be and take this experience, lesson in Ramadan as to improve and keep up with that improvement. Continuously polish on what you’ve taken from this Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone who has continuously supported me. 

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