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A little bit about me, sometimes Im human, sometimes Im an alien but that depends on the day of the week. I am from Toronto and have lived here my whole life. Im just a regular individual who is just like the rest of you. I don’t do anything special. I just speak my mind and I think many of you are afraid to do the same because as soon as the words are written or you do something, you think someone else is going judge you or speak about you. I don’t care about any of that. Everyone has an opinion or a thought and if that is yours, that’s cool. Many of us are afraid of being ourselves because we worry what another person has to say about us. You have to know, people will have things to say regardless but if they are going to talk about you let it be because you are being different and not like everyone else.

Everyone has the same pattern to follow, the same box we think in but think outside of it and truly be yourself. You’ll see and do things that you thought you were never capable of. I write because I love writing and expressing myself. I’ve been an expressive person from what I can remember. I used to write poetry and rap but that transitioned into something more, alhumdulilah. Don’t ever let anyone tell you because you are south asian, black, chinese, malaysian, have a beard, no beard, hijab, no hijab, that you aren’t capable of anything because this isn’t what “we” do. They are speaking from their own perspective in life and not your own. As long as you don’t transgress the limits of Allah, you are doing great and will continue to do great. Don’t do it for the fame, don’t do it for the likes but do it because you actually love it. Likes are great as it is encouraging but if you write or do things for only likes, then you are doing it for attention. Be passionate about what you do and insha’Allah, it may become a career some day. Im not afraid to be myself or speak my mind about topics such as marriage or relationships and if I don’t know something, I will tell you, I don’t know.

Be yourself because you are only one person and there is not in this world, maybe ever, another one like you. So use your unique abilities, we all have them and do something with it. We all have talents, skills, characteristic traits that are so awesome but we hide them because we constantly think what others will say. Here is one person to tell you, that If I was to think what others will say, I wouldn’t have this page today nor have a blog nor have been writing for 13 years or more and going, insha’Allah. Be yourself and use your talents to the best of your ability. Don’t do it for the fame or money, do it because you love it and insha’Allah, one day, it’ll fall into place how life is written for you and either Allah will reward you in this life or in the hereafter.

JazakAllah khair, thank you for all the support. It means a lot.

9 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me – Be Yourself

  1. Thank you for the wonderful advice. It’s hard for me to be myself sometimes. I have to avoid doing a lot of things in public (things that don’t have a connection to religion) so that my parents don’t feel ashamed just in case people place false blames on me. I can’t draw, sing, or speak eloquently, so I just write. Then I get worried about writing boring things (“Is my post too short? Maybe I should write in a list format.”). I have a Tumblr, but I can’t post about love and marriage because my friends think I’m “above” all that. So the only outlet of expression I really have is my blog.

    Gah, sorry for the rant. I am glad you have the determination to be yourself while remaining on the right path. Don’t know when your next post will be, so Ramadan Mubarak in advance!

    • You are welcome.

      What do you mean that it doesn’t have a connection to Islam? Are you doing haram things outside? If not, then just do it. It’s okay to be silly and have fun but everything has its limits.

      Just because you can’t draw or do other things, Im sure you have other talents, such as writing that you do well at. Not everyone can be good at everything but as it is, repetition the father/mother of learning. Just keep practicing, even if it takes you several years, you can do it. And write as much as you want. Don’t think that this is too long or that is too short. it’s your blog, your property. If people want to read it, then, if not, then ah well.

      It’s okay. Write as much as you like, whenever you want. I’ll end up reading it anyway.

      Ramadan mubarak to you too. 🙂

      • Oh no, no, nothing haraam. It’s smaller things like not being allowed to wear pants/shirts to the masjid instead of cultural garments because people will think I’m too “modernized.” Or avoiding becoming close to Muslims of other cultures because apparently they’ll never accept you as one of them. Stereotypes like that. 😦

        As for writing, I do it to come in use of other people. My perspective is not the guaranteed right way to look at things, but I share it anyways so that it can allow others to think. So that is the only reason why I am so concerned about views.

      • Just wear an abaya. As long as you are fully covered, no one should have anything to say or look at it. People always have something to say and women, truthfully are the biggest gossip folks in the masjid and once they leave. WOW! It’s on at home lol

        Get close to others. We aren’t aliens, well I am but people aren’t aliens or maniacs that their intent is to hurt you if you get close to them. The Sahaba were Arab, Ethopian, Persian and so much more.

        That’s what beautiful about writing. No one can tell you whether you are right or wrong, especially if you are writing about yourself or your situations. They are yours and you know them best. Just keep doing what you are doing and you’ll do fine, insha’Allah.

      • An abaya sounds like a good idea. Lol as a woman I can agree with aunties and other girls being gossip machines.

        Hey, friendly aliens can exist too. In fact, it seems like you’re exactly that type. I don’t care about the backgrounds of the Muslim people I meet, but I notice that a lot of them have feelings of nationalism.

        Thank you for the encouragement!

      • Wear an abaya. You only goto the masjid to pray salah so pop on the abaya for a few minutes and don’t give anyone a reason to say anything about you or look at you strangely, even though they will.

        If you always hold that thought that “most” have feelings of nationalism, you’ll always have that belief. I have friends from all different backgrounds. Not everyone is the same.

        You are welcome 🙂

  2. I think this piece is very inspiring and so very true. I mean, we all go on the legendary mission to find out who we truly are when in reality we don’t have to go very far to find the answer. i would have to say that being myself was unheard of and alot of people were disappointed in me because i never showed my true self. I did it in my writing but i never let on that i had a personality. but one day i let myself go and became who i wanted to be, myself. Alhumdulillah, i am able to say that i am myself all the time. Alhumdullilah, I am the way i am and i do not want to be anyone else.

    but i think that the only reason people cannot be themselves is because of the societal pressures that they receive every single day, whether it be parents, siblings, friends, media, etc. but it is still there. if they do not learn to fight those pressures then no one can truly be themselves.

    • JazakAllah khair, Sanya.

      Keep it up! Just be yourself and Im telling you, you’ll be happy without hearing other people’s constant criticism about you.

      If you can overcome the pressures, shake the nerves, look at yourself in the mirror and accept who you are, whatever anyone else says of you doesn’t matter.

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