Single? In A Rush To Get Married?



If you are single, stop rushing to get married because your lust, desires and social pressure is getting the best of you, then you end up getting divorced within a few years. You have all this time on your hands, so improve your character, improve your communication skills, improve your eman (faith), and continuously look for ways to learn about Islam. Continuously educate yourself about whatever it may be that will benefit everyone around you.

Don’t just concentrate on finding that right woman or man, when all this time you could be concentrating on being the right woman or man. Don’t have an ego think that you don’t need to improve because the truth is, everyone needs to improve. Allah knows whom that right woman or man will be and when that person comes into your life, you will be responsible, understanding, educated about what not only marriage is about but how to be as a person, a Muslim and doing the best you can. You have all this time, so use it to your advantage.

Invest in yourself to be a better person. A person that will be appreciated by someone who values your character, personality and looks. Most important of all be patient. Don’t go and chase every man or woman who you think is religiously dedicated or financially stable. Not everyone who is religiously dedicated lives a balanced lifestyle, takes the middle path or actually lives according to their words and what they know about the Quran & The Sunnah. Everything is through actions. And Not everyone who is financially stable will be as supportive with their money, instead they’ll be stingy and selfish. Be smart with your choices and be smart with whom you give your heart to because they’ll either cherish you or break you.

9 thoughts on “Single? In A Rush To Get Married?

  1. See, if only I had understood this a year ago and didn’t have to go through so many experiences that literally FORCED me to quit rushing. Oh well, whatever happened for a reason so I am grateful.

    I think the most important thing you can do before even looking to get married is to know what you want from life. Religiously, financially, professionally, whatever. Whatever it is that you want, figure it out and then work for it.

    • You shouldn’t rush towards anything, except, of course your salah and good deals.

      Find out what is you want and go for it but make sure you are at peace and happiness with yourself because if things don’t workout and your peace and happiness was with them, it’s gone with them and you are back to rebuilding who you are.

    • No, it is not considering rushing. It is considered as compromising and finding an actual date so it can actually happen. If that person is really ready or not. If that person is not ready but is just stringing you along, then it is best find out so you can create a future for yourself.

  2. What if single life is not enjoyed?
    I have been single before, and although I was strong and got through it
    I enjoy being with people or around people
    and I feel that I’m ready but my “partner” is not. In that case, I guess it’s different. My blog explains what I mean
    but I do agree with a lot of what you are saying, I feel like I’m done with this phase though and ready for the next

    • You still have to find out why he isn’t ready and what is holding him back? Maybe he is scared? Maybe he isn’t as committed as you think? Maybe he is unsure if you are the one.

      When men are ready for marriage, they are ready for marriage. There is no delay and the only delay that can happen is happening within the family. That is really only it. If you are ready and he is not, find out exactly what is delay.

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