Life Lessons I’ve Learned Thus Far



Life lessons I’ve learned thus far:

Always look to learn from any avenues available. Education does not mean you have to be in an institution to be educated. Education is available every where and only a few clicks away.

Your body is an investment. A long term investment. What you decide to invest into it, is what you’ll get in return. Invest into the right things and your body will flourish and give back to you. Invest the wrong things into your body and your body will diminish over time, leaving you hurt and broken.

Never hold onto the past, as it does not define you, it only creates who you are today. Everything that has happened was a learning experience, so learn well from it and let it go. Close the book on it and write a new page in your life.

Don’t let your ego get in the way. Be the smaller person when you have to be and allow the individual to fuel their ego that will forever blind them. Sorry and forgiveness will take you a long way, while those who refuse to do so, will never grow and learn.

Love is never equal and we cannot love each other equally. Someone loves you more than you love them but this does not mean, you love them less, you just love them differently.

Be around positive people as this will fuel you to accomplish your goals, as they are doing the same. Minimize your surroundings with negative people and those who always complain. They will drain the life out of you and put you in a sad mood.

Always give things a try before you refuse. Who knows what you are missing out on and what you’ll learn.

Be generous, be kind, be loving, be happy, be free but don’t be a doormat, learn to say NO!

You are just as capable as every other person in the world, the difference is, they continued to strive and never gave up, while you did. Never give up, keep going, you don’t know how close you are.

Your personality, intelligence and character are more valuable than your looks. Work on those and you’ll be beautiful/handsome your whole life.

And lastly, know everything is the decree of Allah SWT. Learn to tie your camel and leave the rest to Him. Meaning, whatever it is you do in life, give an effort and leave the rest to Allah. As long as you put an effort into what you want and need, insha’Allah you’ll get. Don’t sit there hoping and wishing it happens if you never did anything. Even plants need water to grow.

There is obviously more but this is what my brain can process at this moment. Enjoy your weekend everybody, thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

9 thoughts on “Life Lessons I’ve Learned Thus Far

  1. You’ve taken my thoughts and painted them into words…the endless means He provides to us in order to achieve goodness…in terms of seeking knowledge to character to building a strong foundation of adab all connect..Allah Most High bless you and make it easy for you Insha’Allah:)
    Lots of love

  2. Ma’sha Allāh, this post is wonderful. Jazak Allahu khair for the reminders. Would you mind if I shared on twitter? If not, do you by chance have an account, so that I may address your credentials accordingly? Again, thank you for the wonderful read. May Allāh bless you, always. Ameen.

    • Wayak.

      Yeah, for sure, no doubt! Share it whenever you like. I write so others can benefit, so if I didn’t allow others to share it, that would be a great injustice.

      You are welcome 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. May Allah SWT bless you always too, Ameen.

  3. Great Post Malik!

    I believe that when a person apologises from the Heart, it shows the strength of their character and their value increases. ‘Sorry’ is a small word with such a power meaning. But, there are people out there who because of their ego do not apologise, even when they themselves know how much they have hurt another person.

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