Life Lessons I’ve Learned Thus Far



Life lessons I’ve learned thus far:

Always look to learn from any avenues available. Education does not mean you have to be in an institution to be educated. Education is available every where and only a few clicks away.

Your body is an investment. A long term investment. What you decide to invest into it, is what you’ll get in return. Invest into the right things and your body will flourish and give back to you. Invest the wrong things into your body and your body will diminish over time, leaving you hurt and broken.

Never hold onto the past, as it does not define you, it only creates who you are today. Everything that has happened was a learning experience, so learn well from it and let it go. Close the book on it and write a new page in your life.

Don’t let your ego get in the way. Be the smaller person when you have to be and allow the individual to fuel their ego that will forever blind them. Sorry and forgiveness will take you a long way, while those who refuse to do so, will never grow and learn.

Love is never equal and we cannot love each other equally. Someone loves you more than you love them but this does not mean, you love them less, you just love them differently.

Be around positive people as this will fuel you to accomplish your goals, as they are doing the same. Minimize your surroundings with negative people and those who always complain. They will drain the life out of you and put you in a sad mood.

Always give things a try before you refuse. Who knows what you are missing out on and what you’ll learn.

Be generous, be kind, be loving, be happy, be free but don’t be a doormat, learn to say NO!

You are just as capable as every other person in the world, the difference is, they continued to strive and never gave up, while you did. Never give up, keep going, you don’t know how close you are.

Your personality, intelligence and character are more valuable than your looks. Work on those and you’ll be beautiful/handsome your whole life.

And lastly, know everything is the decree of Allah SWT. Learn to tie your camel and leave the rest to Him. Meaning, whatever it is you do in life, give an effort and leave the rest to Allah. As long as you put an effort into what you want and need, insha’Allah you’ll get. Don’t sit there hoping and wishing it happens if you never did anything. Even plants need water to grow.

There is obviously more but this is what my brain can process at this moment. Enjoy your weekend everybody, thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

The Power Of –


Many times after helping someone, weeks or months later I’ll receive an email or a message stating how much I’ve helped them overcome something in their life. I just sit back and think, did I really do anything? When I think of what I actually did, I just simply made you believe in yourself which is something you’ stopped doing for a very, very long time. All you needed was reassurance of who you are, what you can become and what you are capable of doing. I didn’t do anything except make you tap into your God given abilities that were hidden all along. I didn’t make you strong. I didn’t make you happy. I didn’t fight your fears. All I did was give you a few or hundreds of words of reassurance and you followed your heart with a strong belief all along. I am not capable of making you do anything. You are capable of all this yourself, with a little push of course.

A lot of times, we forget to look ourselves in the mirror. We often do look in it but we don’t look inside ourselves and see who we really are. Under all of this anger, depression, fear, heartbreak, lust, desires, there is a great person in there all along that has hidden themselves because you’ve allowed another individual to hold power over you. Behind those eyes and the tears falling, there is a strong individual that has allowed another individual to have power over you. You are what you think of yourself. If you think you are a scared individual, that is who you are. If you think you are not a strong individual, that is who you are. If you think you can never move on from your past, that is who you are. Don’t allow yourself to have a negative thought process that begins with a memory of something of the past, which has gone, just like the clothes that you outgrew. Each of those memories, especially a negative one prevents you from tapping into your God given abilities to be who you are supposed to become.

You, especially YOU, prevent yourself from moving on to seeing this potential. From revealing this beautiful gift, this soul, this life to the world and the people around you. That is YOU. I often say, so many people rely on you for happiness and how you make their day but you concentrate on those who suck your life dry, trying to make them happy and make their day, while they destroy your life. People appreciate you but you want to appreciate the one that will never appreciate you. Allah has given you everything in your life, the ability to think, reflect, intelligence, talent, skills, characteristics and so much more that others don’t have but you often forget those, while concentrating on another persons blessings which will never be yours.

You are the person who can make difference in your life by seeing what you have before you. By appreciating those around you and forgiving and moving on from those who hurt you. Who despise you. Who want to destroy your life. It takes strength to do it but believe, it is something you’ve been built with. Don’t say, I don’t have it in me. Don’t think you don’t have it in you but BELIEVE you have it in you. You are indeed a special individual who… no matter what you are going through today, you are going to blossom, grow out of this cocoon that you see yourself trapped in and become even more stronger, more beautiful than you’ve ever been just like that butterfly.

I cannot do anything for you, neither can others. We can only show you who you are, what you are capable of and what your abilities are, after that, it is your choice and a choice is powerful. So make the right one by believing all of this, especially this blessing you call life. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t regret it by allowing another individual to live it for you. You only have one, so protect it, value it, control it as much as possible and let Allah take care of the rest, smile, live, love and most important of all, love who you are and love who you will become. You are capable of anything you put your mind to, so don’t put your mind to those who pay you no mind and will never want to see you succeed. Allah will continue to bless you so accept this blessing called life and live it happily by identifying the person inside and knowing it is the person inside that counts and will measure up with time, while time will erase your looks. Be who you are supposed to become, don’t question it. Just follow your heart, do what you love to do every day of your life and become it. Break out of those cuffs that have you tied up and be free. You are capable of all this. Never stop believing and never stop believing in yourself. It’ll take you along way. Believe in yourself, be confident and let Allah do the rest for you.

Begin, today.

Divorcees Are Human Too

broken heart


People who are divorced are not some alien type creatures or have a flesh eating disease if you touch them. All too often you hear people say, “don’t marry them! they are divorced!” By far the most ignorant thing for people to say. Some people are divorced because they weren’t as compatible with their spouses as they once thought they were. Some are divorced because they couldn’t bare the physical or verbal abuse they have been receiving. Some are divorced because their spouse has continuously cheated on them so they took a stance and decided to leave. As many of us would leave too if we were under some of those circumstances.

People who are divorced aren’t diseased, animals or monsters. They are humans just like us. We all feel for the need of companionship so we shouldn’t ignore those who are divorced. Even used cars have several good things about them and so do houses that are old. Don’t be ignorant. A persons divorce doesn’t make them less compatible or not fit for a relationship. If that was the case, all failed friendships would only entitle one thing, we are bad friends and we shouldn’t have anymore but that proves to be false. We make new friends and still have friends after losing friends.

So don’t look down upon someone or disregard someone for marriage because they are divorced. There are several qualities in them that you are missing out on because of a title that has been stereotyped by the ignorant and the misguided. Everyone deserves a chance, just as you’ve been chances all your life.


Be Patient, Stay Strong & Smile


Whatever you are going through, do your best not to cry so much. It’s okay. It is just a test, a trial in your life and you have been through so many. This isn’t any different than the others, it just feels different. Just as you have passed all the other tests in your life, you’ll get past this one too. Your days may feel cloudy with lots of rain but it is temporary. No rain last forever. The downpour is temporary. In your mind, you think it feels like it is an eternity but it is not. Nature changes and people change too and as nature changes, so will you. You’ll be what you are supposed to become and this test is going to make you that person who is already loved by so many. So don’t cry, things will be okay, no matter what you are going through today.

Allah SWT says in Surah Al-Baqara (The Cow): “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear”

And also Allah SWT says in Surah Ash-Sharh (The Relief): “With hardship comes ease”

So be patient, smile, make du’aa (supplication) and know, these days are not here to stay, just as the rain is not here to stay. After every storm, behind the clouds, there is the sun and just as the sun brings ease and happiness in many people’s lives, after this test in your life is over, it’ll do the same for you. You’ll be revised, renewed, a better individual. A wiser, stronger, more patient and blessed individual who conquered the soul and the mind to be where they are supposed to be. Don’t hang your head low but keep it up and be hopeful because there are much better days ahead. It begins with you walking towards a better life with patience, commitment and knowing this is only a test and these days are numbered and it to shall pass and after hardship comes ease.

Be In Control



Never allow any individual to have power over you. Unless they created you and they move your limbs for you, they do not have power over you. Every individual is limited to how much power they have over you and that limit increases by how much power you give them by placing them significantly in your life. The more you rely on them for things, the more power you give them. The less you rely on them, the less power they have. Never become too reliant on people, so they are powerless on your ability to be happy or sad. Never place your happiness or sadness inside of people but keep the ability within yourself. If they are able to control your happiness or sadness, they have too much power over you, which you have given them.

You possess the strength, you possess the power. They do not. You are in control of who you are, they are not. You are in control of your daily actions, they are not. They do not move any part of your body for you, except when you agree to it, so know who is in control of the physical being, the reflection in the mirror and make sure it is you that is standing alone in the mirror without a reflection of any other individual.

Allah SWT has given us choices, so make power moves to move the insignificant figures in your life who seem to control every aspect of it by draining the life out of you and wanting to destroy it. Learn the power of distance and the learn the power of being the smaller individual in their eyes by taking the first step in forgiveness and distance, which will make you the bigger individual who has put ego aside. Be in control of the situations that have no power over you, when you in fact have the power to make the right decisions, that will lead you to a better place and having total control of the most important person. That is YOU!

What Is It That You Look For?



If you can capture someone with your personality why the need to show off your physical beauty? Is it the confidence that you lack, that you would rather live off of compliments or is your character not enough, that you have to prove to others that your physical beauty should be more than enough? Is it respect you look for or do compliments hold more weight than respect? Well, if it is respect you‘re looking for, why does it have to be earned through showing off your physical beauty? Now, if it is compliments you’re looking for, again why does it have to inflate your self worth, if you know what you are worth? Compliments about your physical beauty, hold as little weight as possible because everyone is just seeing the external. While respect is earned through your character, that is the internal part of you. When someone is able to accept the internal part of you, the external will automatically come.

As long as you feel your external is worth more than your internal, you will be constantly attracting the wrong type of individuals in your life who look and feel only your external. While your internal is as beautiful and powerful as your external, only for it to be forgotten because your external is held at such a high place in their eyes, they would rather forget what you really are in the internal.

Only you can change the view of others by seeking inside yourself, knowing your self worth. When you do realize, it’s not only about the external image but it’s the internal that lasts you a life time and evolves as you evolve but your external image fades as you age.

The Moment – Mayweather Vs Maidana – Khan Vs Collazo



Many of you who follow my blog don’t know that I’m a HUGE boxing fan simply because I choose not to write about it on here. I did a piece on Mayweather Vs Alvarez card last year and since I did one last year, I decided to do another one for this “big” PPV card. For those who are big boxing fans like myself, you are probably as excited as I am or you may be in fact a Pactard and just wants to see Mayweather lose because he is a “cherry picker.”

With less than 24 hours to go before the PPV kicks off, controversy has already surrounded Mayweather Vs Maidana with Maidana’s, custom Everlast gloves having padding that has not been distributed properly on the knuckle area and anyone who knows about the sport of boxing and how brutal it is, safety definitely comes first. We have Panama Lewis and his fighter Luis Resto who removed padding from their gloves and brutally beat up Collins who was left depressed and some say, due to not being able to fight anymore he had committed suicide. Then we have Magarito Vs Mosley situation, where Mosley’s trainer Nasim Richardson found Margarito’s hands were not wrapped correctly and the substance found inside of them would lead to them hardening during the fight and that situation led to us boxing fans believing that Margarito may have been cheating his whole career. So when something like this occurs, we as boxing fans may or may not care simply because we want a fighter to lose or some of us care because we we don’t want another Resto Vs Collins situation that leads to a death. Numerous fighters have had brain damage and their speech slurs. After Julio Cesar Chavez Sr Vs Meldrick Taylor I, we seen Taylor who was a promising olympian career decline and his health too. That is just some history surrounding gloves and how brutal the sport is itself.

Now, unto tomorrows PPV Main Event and Co-Main Event which will feature Amir Khan Vs Luis Collazo. Just going to write my predictions.

Amir Khan Vs Luis Collazo.


(Image from Crownboxing)

Anyone who has followed Amir Khan’s career has seen a promising, young, south asian, Pakistani, British silver medalist rise to the tops of the boxing charts. We have seen Amir dazzle us with his speed against lesser fighters, knocking them out, stopping them until he had decided to come over to the better market of fighters and was tested. The first time the North American fan base was introduced to Amir Khan was against Paulie “The Magic Man” Malingaggi who had fought tough champions such as Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton. Amir Khan with his blazing hand speed went on to stop Paulie and his career took off. We all thought we had something special or some may have thought until he ran into Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia’s left hook. Then after, he went onto to drop hall of fame trainer, Freddie Roach and decided to train with Virgil Hunter due to his success with Super Middle Weight, undefeated champion and gold medalist, Andre Ward. Since then, Amir has not looked stellar at all. The once 4-5 combination boxer did not look the same. Being hurt by light punching Carlos Molina, which he himself admitted to on HBO Boxing After Dark and then being wobbled all over the place by Julio Diaz, that looked as a life and death fight for Amir. Since changing trainers, Amir has become more of a calculated boxer who has slowed down a lot but it has taken him out of his element and put his speed aside, by once overwhelming fighters to now, boxing them and continuously getting hurt.

With a veteran like Luis Collazo who has been in tough fights through out his whole career, Amir cannot under estimate him, especially since moving up in weight. Collazo has given Ricky Hatton and Andre Berto possibly their toughest fights while they were undefeated. Being on the unlucky end of those decisions, which myself and many other boxing fans thought Collazo had won. Collazo comes from a tough fighting background and he knows, he has everything to gain after coming off a KO win against Victor Ortiz.

The way I see this fight going and due to Khan not fighting explosively as he used to, using his speed and Collazo’s vast experience, I see Collazo winning by KO. Amir can say he feels stronger at “1-4-7” and say, he has sparred punchers like Alfredo Angulo but it all changes in the ring when head gear is off. Ricky Hatton said in an interview that when he was at JRWW, he was able to push and shove guys around but when moving up in weight for the first time, it was the opposite and Collazo was doing that to him. Anyone can polish their boxing skills as Amir has said he has done during this lay off but you cannot polish your chin and that is possibly Amir Khan’s downfall in his boxing career. If Amir does not get off to a fast start and Collazo begins to land, which he will no doubt do, the Mayweather golden ticket falls apart and Collazo goes onto to bigger and better things, possibly even headlining a Main Event in his hometown of Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

Collazo – KO


Finally, we have Mayweather Vs Madiana as the Main Event.


(Image from Feintboxing)

Anyone who has followed Mayweather’s career can say whatever they like about him. “He is a cherry picker.” “He is a coward.” Whatever it may be but he has remained undefeated and still looks spectacular at the age of 37. while making younger, fresher fighters look subpar and average. So many want to see a blemish on his resume due to disliking an individuals personality outside the ring, as if, the persona outside of the ring is what we watch, when we actually don’t. We as boxing fans watch an individual for their craft and that is what I watch in a fighter and that is their craft. Then we have the likes of Bob Arum who has spewed hate towards a fighter who he has promoted and said “he is the greatest boxer I’ve ever seen.” Mayweather went onto becoming a the hottest PPV attraction, becoming his own “promotor” and also becoming the highest paid athlete in the world.

Marcos Maidana on the other hand has become a fan favourite after knocking out, flashy and Diet Mayweather, Adrien Broner. Maidana was first introduced on HBO Boxing After Dark against young, “Vicious” Victor Ortiz. Ortiz was touted as being the next golden ticket for Golden Boy Promotions until, fighting an unknown Argentinean, Marcos Maidana who had went onto to stop Ortiz in a back and forth, elevator like fight where both fighters traded knock downs. Ortiz’s career came to stand still after suffering a broken jaw against Josesisto Lopez, then suffering a KO in come back defeat against Luis Collazo, never looking the same. While Marcos Maidana went onto become the WBA Welterweight Champion defeating Adrien Broner and is now up against P4P number 1 boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Marcos Maidana has only suffered one loss in his move to the Welterweight division and that was against Devon Alexander. Devon Alexander Vs Marcos Maidana was a one sided fight where Devon controlled every aspect of the fight. Clinching whenever Maidana got close to reset his offence and even knocking down Maidana to cruise a victory. Since then, we have seen Maidana go 4-0 against Jesus Soto Karass, Angel Martinez, Joesisto Lopez and Adrien Broner, which secured this PPV fight.

Mayweather is the best fighter in boxing today, hands down. Nobody has come close to beating Mayweather, okay, there has been and that was Jose Luis Castillo in their first fight and since, we have not seen Mayweather in any controversial decisions because the flaws in his games have not been exposed, that is if he has any. Maidana will probably give Mayweather his toughest fight to date, maybe but I see this fight going one way and one way only. That is Mayweather by victory. Either TKO or Unanimous Decision. If we go back to where Maidana has been hurt the most in fights, it is to the body. He has been extremely uncomfortable when his opponents go to the body. Jesus Soto Karass did it, Lopez did it and it is something Broner did not exploit but be sure that Floyd is going to exploit that in Maidana, especially with that jab to the body.

Madiana can come in brawling all he wants, throwing everything but the kitchen sink or even his tampered gloves at Floyd but Floyd is the best at taking away his opponents best weapon and making them fight at his pace. Mayweather will control the fight, fighting inside the pocket at times but ultimately winning this fight.

Mayweather Vs Maidana – Mayweather either by TKO or UD.

Hope you boxing fans enjoyed this piece. May do more in the future, insha’Allah (if Allah wills). Thanks for reading and cannot wait for this PPV card.