The “American Dream”



People in under developed countries see the “American Dream” lifestyle and crave it when there is nothing to it. You basically just work, save money and buy expensive things to be seen by others. To be loved by others in a materialistic way. You aren’t left alone. People are always in your business. The “American Dream” is an illusion which does not bring happiness. It brings comfort. Comfort and happiness are two different feelings. I can go lay in my bed and be comfortable but when I lay in this bed, I am not happy but I am comfortable. Money is nothing but comfort and the “American Dream” is nothing but comfort. It is not happiness. So when they look at this lifestyle, they are seeing something totally different than what we are living here. That is not to say money is bad but it is nothing but comfort. It’s an item of and for survival not happiness. Then again, you can still survive without money but for how long?

8 thoughts on “The “American Dream”

  1. I agree! I have been chasing the American dream ever since college. There’s nothing to it. In America, as long as you work hard, you’ll earn money and then you can buy materialistic things. But that money cannot buy you happiness. That depends upon your attitude. Interestingly, I am facing a career decision related to this. Great blog entry!

    • JazakAllah khair 🙂 It’s true. You may achieve the “American Dream” but not happiness. There is never a price on it. Whatever you decide to do with your career, as long as you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

  2. People tend to associate.. happiness with comfort. But only when they get the comfort do many realize that it isn’t much more. Some chase more comfort to find this evasive happiness but the ones who truly find it know that it does not lie there.

  3. i agree with this totally. i have been living in the U.S for 17 years with the help of Allah and i have never been totally happy. just because i have the things i want doesn’t mean that i live a good life. Things are not life. The way you live and what you determines how happy one is and can be. Everyone has the potential to be happy but the way you look for it determines if you find it or not

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