Patience & Positivity

The past couple of days, I was thinking over a bunch of things. Decided to create a video and share my thoughts about it. If you enjoy it, like and share it with others.

7 thoughts on “Patience & Positivity

  1. JazakaAllah!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Really needed this. I ask that Allah rewards you, gives to you, loves you, accepts you into all eight gates of His Jannah. Thanks bro :))))

  2. When I compare my hardships to that of the Prophets its like a ‘tap’ on the back. They’ve been through so much more. For example, Ibrahim (as) was ordered to sacrifice his son, no questions as to why he submitted to Allah (swt) with a clean heart.

    I am trying to change how I look at my problems, to accept, to submit. God has never made a mistake, neither will He break His promise to His sincere servants. SubhanAllah

    And I totally agree with you, only with gratitude does patience become easy.

    • That’s right, exactly. They’ve been through worse than us and when we go through something, feels like the end of the world.

      Insha’Allah, whatever you go through, it becomes easy.

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