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Our parents want us to be a reflection of them, proud, eager, almost like trophies held up in the air, pounding their chest but at the same time, many parents want us to reflect their dreams and their goals which they did not accomplish due to the way they lived their life. It is in this dream, their goals, they also want us to reflect that and in that we lose ourselves. We lose the value of our gifts, we lose our skills and abilities, while they push us to pursue theirs subconsciously. Parents of course want us to succeed but what is it we are actually succeeding in? Are we just succeeding in pursuing their goals and dreams, which they weren’t able to attain due to certain circumstances? Doctors, lawyers, dentists or whatever it may be that seems to be tied to the word “success”? What is success if that is just tied to certain careers based on other people’s perception? If the perception is all that mattered, attaining this title just to reflect or embody their goals which they dreamed of finally came true through their children, what is success to you? Has success been tied to their dreams and their goals? What about you? How do you feel about success? What is success to you? What is that you love to do or is what you love to do based on what your parents want you to do? Have you ever learned to think of what makes you happy in a career that no matter the money involved or the life involved, it will matter to you in the end? It will put a smile on your face or what your parents have influenced you into doing is really what you want to do? Have you been able to find your potential or have your skills, your God given talents and abilities lost in this transition which have been influenced through a perception of success based on their goals and dreams? Ask yourself, are you living out theirs or are you living yours? What is it that you really love to do, sit down and think about it. Ask yourself is money the only thing that matters? It is true we need money to attain a living. To feed and shelter our family or ourselves but money is never tied into permanent happiness, so if you live for the dollar, then you are not truly living for yourself and will never find what you are trying to attain because the goals never end. Ask yourself, are you doing what you love to do today or are you doing what has been taught to you, influenced through a career which is perceived as successful?

3 thoughts on “Just A Random Thought

  1. Your blog is seriously intellectual, mashaAllah. Haha seriously, I have to sit and read each sentence with care and let the information process in my mind before I continue. I’m used to skimming (impatient nature prevails) but I can’t do that with your posts. Haha it’s a compliment, if it seems as if it is otherwise.

    Anywho, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I’m in uni but I can see myself perhaps not flunking but getting very average grades because I simply don’t care, and have no idea what else it is that I want to do. Also I don’t want to give my beloved mother a heartattack by quitting, because I love her too much to make her upset. She didn’t have the opportunity to go to university due to dumb wars, and came to Sweden as a refugee and soon got married and abandoned by her husband to raise moi. So naturally, my mom wants what’s best for me. And alhamdulillah she never pressures me to become anything, just as long as I study. I just wish I knew what I wanted to be.

    • lol JazakAllah khair, Alhumdulilah.

      Follow what your heart wants to do. What you love to do. It can even be a hobby and pursue it. Don’t do it because you want recognition or because you want someone to praise you, none of that. Do it because it is what your heart desires every single day. Eventually, it’ll lead to doors opening for you because it is what you love to do. When you love something, everything just falls into place. The desire inside of your body, your brain, never leaves. It wants to feel that desire fulfilled. This is obviously a good desire, just follow it. Follow your heart every step of the way. It’ll be tough because we live in a perception filled world, where everything is truly about the next person thinking of me and what I am doing but that never will matter. Your success, your love does not depend on them. It depends on what you want to accomplish in the end. Follow what you love because it makes you happy. Also, if you’ve already invested time into university, especially a significant amount of time, complete it. Who knows what may be waiting on the other side. If you haven’t then find another career path that involves again, something you love. Im sure there is something in you life that you love to do every single day. It can be simple as making malawaax (somali for pancakes) and if that is what you love, do it! Open a restaurant. Just follow your heart and in the end, insha’Allah, you’ll be happy.

      • LMAO malaawax. Ahh that made my day. But that’s the thing, my bruddah. I haven’t got any hobbies, except blogging. But I have a habit of growing disinterested in things very quickly. I may love my blog today, and be completely bored of it tomorrow.

        On the subject of blogging, I hope you don’t mind if I pimp my blog post out. It’s a piece on racism, I would love to hear your thoughts on it, if you’ve got the time to check it out: http://marriageseekingmuslimah.com/2014/03/14/the-perfect-race/

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