What Is Success?



People think success is money, cars, lots of materialistic things but that is not true success, not even close to it. True success is reaching contentment within your heart. Understanding your failures, understanding your past and accepting the blessings that come through those things. How many of us look at life and say, truly say, alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) for everything that has happened? Many of us don’t say that because we dwell on so many things that have passed us by. We hang onto these things with utter disappointment. We can’t look at ourselves in the mirror because we feel we have failed ourselves but we have not. None of these things are failures but these are building blocks to finding that success we truly want and we truly deserve. Success begins with accepting the decree of Allah and that is with everything. We must always tie our camel, leave the rest to Allah, smile proudly and walk through any door we please believing with sincerity that what is going on beyond that door is best for me and what will happen Allah is going to will for me. It is for my growth as a person. It is for my growth as coming closer to Allah and him denying my wishes, is not because He dislikes something for me or because he doesn’t understand what I am going through but because He always wants the BEST for you. Don’t ever settle for just good because if Allah gives you the BEST in everything, make sure what you want in life is the best and the best thing is, contentment within your heart. Find it, keep it and cherish it. Never let it go because it’s what true success really is.

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