Food For Thought


You and I are just another heartbeat. Another breath that is given another chance. Another blink of an eye to see. Why do we sit around waiting for the world to change, when we can be the influence and motivation? Why do we enjoy being a passenger in life, when we can be in the driver seat? All of us are able to create legacies of our own but we seem to be satisfied being followers instead of great leaders. We are all equipped with intelligence and brilliance but we insist or we have become reliant on others to tell us what exactly to do with our intelligence and brilliance. Have we become satisfied with mediocre? Have we allowed ourselves to become comfortable wanting to never build for ourselves? Why are we comfortable building an empire for those who have it all but never an empire for ourselves? We would rather people pave our way, instead pave our own. We would rather have a manual on life, instead of experience it itself. Humans have become so comfortable within their minds, they are afraid to expand and be unlimited potential. When faced with fear, they sit down and don’t overcome it. While all this is happening, you are dying away, Your heart has taken another beat, you’ve taken another breath and you’ve seen again. Eventually, all this will pass you by and you’ve gained nothing but empty memories and empty dreams you’ve never followed. Why settle for less when the potential in you is as vast an ocean? There is nothing better than a creator, than a leader rather than a follower. We are great, intelligent leaders, who will eventually be parents, who will have something to leave behind. Sometimes not even for our kids but for everyone else. Why would you be satisfied with your deeds, thinking they may be enough to enter you in jannah (heaven) when they may not be? Why not chase every sadaqah jariyah (good deeds that follow you after death)? We will be in need one day. This is just some food for thought. Don’t just read it but eat it, ingest it and live it to the best of your abilities because even now, you haven’t seen the best of your abilities because you are comfortable where you are, even though knowing it is not who you can become.

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