Young Women Looking For Love


Young women, do not jump the gun wanting to marry men whom have just entered your life. This life is a long road and men will enter your lives and leave as fast as water drips from a tap. Grow into yourselves and love yourself before you think you are ready to love others. Relationship pains aren’t easy and the psychological impact will leave you confused and leaving good men hurt because your past is a wreck and you expect these men to fix them for you hoping they’ll make you forget.

Protect yourself as much as possible and only marry men whom you would only allow your daughters to marry. Do not put yourself in shoes that are too heavy to carry so you fall flat on your face. Meaning, if the guy is living a street life, you would more than likely not want your daughter to marry a man of that life, would you? Because your seeds protection is important and how she will be taken care of. No parent wants to worry of their daughter being in harms way because a man has taken a life to live that involves putting the entire family at risk.

Be not a person who just only thinks of the present but a be person who thinks presently in the shoes of others and what they have to deal with and what you may end up dealing with. Not everyone situation is the same but history does indeed repeat itself, it also doesn’t mean people can’t change but be careful with how you want your future to be. Indeed, everything is the decree of Allah SWT but we have been created to also makes choices, so make wise ones not ones you where you would regret years down the line.

Allah SWT has given you women responsibilities, just as he has given men. Read Surah An-Nisa (the women). Protect yourself. Don’t give yourself up so easy. In due time, things will fall into its right place but for now, concentrate on being an overall better person that is loving yourself and what Allah SWT has blessed you with.

7 thoughts on “Young Women Looking For Love

  1. What if someone enters your life but because of some circumstances you can’t give them a chance? Or maybe it’s bad timing? I guess my solution is to leave it to Allah (swt) that if He wants y’all together He’ll make it happen, even if she says no now or later. Or vice versa. Time fixes everything to me.

    • Then that is your choice and what you have decided. At the end of the day, you have to live with that choice and that person will move on. Now, if there is an agreement between the two of you then that can work but if there isn’t, then that door is possibly closed and another person will open it. No doubt, if Allah SWT wants things to happen, it’ll happen but it doesn’t happen magically or effortlessly. It always happens with an effort. A du’aa. Progress.

  2. Alhumdullilah. Why have I not read this post earlier. Answered so many of my questions. Marriage is currently the hot topic in my household and I’m finding it so difficult to find the right spouse. May Allah SWT make it easier for myself and everyone else in the same boat as me.

    • Ameen… Just know what you are looking for and don’t have high expectations either. Know the foundation the Prophet has laid for what to look for in a husband but also have in mind compatibility, his personality, his looks as well. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask. I’ll help you.

      • Jazakallah. I do understand that a huge list of expectations is unrealistic but it is very hard in this day and age to find that compatibility. I have many questions lol Inshallah one day I will bombard you with them – Just warning you now lol

      • Wayak. That’s not a problem. Compatibility is extremely important. If you aren’t compatible with that person, it wont work no matter how hard you try. Friendships are based on compatibility. We are only friends with people whom we connect with.

        Feel free to ask as many questions as you like lol Warn me all you like, I’ll answer them. I’ll maybe even answer them in a video if you want.

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