Getting The Solutions For Your Problems

This is the first of many videos to come insha’Allah. It took me a while to finally get the video done, so I’ve added a bunch of bloopers which Im sure you’ll enjoy. Give me feedback on my first video attempt and let me know what I could do better. What you enjoyed and what you disliked. Thanks for reading and watching…

23 thoughts on “Getting The Solutions For Your Problems

  1. BE LOUDER! You’ll probably have the fam interrupting during the day but if you’re going to do trials then you might as well do so with interruptions anyways. Oh and being yourself is important on camera, I already know you’re more of a chill person than this and giving advice with a more casual vibe always helps the audience take in and remember better. Throw in some of your hysterical jokes b! Talk like you’re talking to a friend, but with some cleansing.

    It’s also okay to do cuts and snippets so do your videos in clips and then put them together if it helps you.

    Great job otherwise! Props to you!

    • I was being myself on camera lol That was me. The bloopers was me. Being serious and just giving advice was me. Making funny faces was me. That was all me. I don’t speak on a serious level all the time but when I do, I sit down and just talk. I keep the jokes aside and I just talk lol I may make corny comparisons but that was all me.

      The reason I was quiet in this video was because it was 1am and everyone was sleeping. Insha’Allah, I’ll record one in the afternoon where I can speak on top of my lungs and yellll!!

      I might do that. The only part that was getting to me was that I was not looking at the camera in the recordings so I scrapped them ALL! I even scrapped my script and just talked.

      Thank you for the negatives and positives.

      • well that’s cool and all. Sorry I don’t know what you’re like when you’re giving talks lol and no doubt you speak on a great level but lightening up, even if that’s how you speak normally, on a serious topic can help the situation a lot. I know I talk the same way and if it’s not serious then I’m the biggest goofball but I’ve realized that some people have difficulty staying focused or motivated to listen if it doesn’t have uplifting moments. Your comparisons are corny but relateable haha

        I don’t look at the camera either but I make it work by kinda just making it seem like that’s how I talk to people. So i make eye contact here and there and then stop for a bit. Nobody’s going to criticize you if you don’t stare at the camera!

        Always include the bloopers! You seem like a much more approachable person with it.

      • For sure, will definitely use these tips for the next video I do. Maybe next week insha’Allah.

        Eye contact for me is very important so when I didn’t look at it, I was like naaaah! This can’t cut it, so I scrapped a lot of videos and just spoke to the camera.

        I will definitely be including bloopers and making funny faces even in the videos themselves. That’s just me. I do this allllll day! I just have to get used to talking to the camera and looking at it like Im going to eat it or make love to it lol hahahahaha…

      • I look forward to it so, insha’Allah fer sure.

        Damn, tough self critiquing. I’m giving you advice but watch me try to make a video and fail and do ten times worse. womp womp womp. tape a picture of some really good food near your camera so it’ll be easier for you to keep contact haha and then reward yourself by eating the same food after you’ve successfully made the video!

        EW. Normally I wouldn’t say ew but you being goo-goo eyed like you’re going to make love to your camera might freak out your viewers LOL that or you might end up drooling.

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