I Am Just Me (Poetry)


I am just as I am

Just me

Without a reflection of perfection

Just a perception of my realities

Ideas, skills and abilities

I am made entirely of flaws which are unseen

To the eyes but you only read

And perceive a person gleaming with a light of perfection

With such magnificence

Holding me to a plateau which is never in my existence

Only Allah deserves this praise

I am a man created to sin

Seek my creator for forgiveness

To open doors with keys of deeds

Which no dealer would be able to sell on the streets

I bow my head in humbleness

In fear all of this, my entirety will never be accepted

My salah, my deeds, my forgiveness, none of it

I am at no stage with no power

No mushroom, no star, no fire power

As small as Goombas

And as vulnerable as Koopas

Praise the creator, not the creation

The creation will err and make mistakes

Allah plans but never mistakes

His plan is perfect

My plan is a boat full of holes

Sink or stay afloat

Eventually it has to go

Buried deep, alone and just me

Perfection is not what I seek

Magnificent is not I

Read, ask, don’t perceive

Under these letters is dirt you’ve never seen

Covered with beautiful flowers

Only to mask what is really under

Growing and blossoming to be just who Im supposed to be

Not magnificent and never perfect

A slave of Allah who is seeking the acceptance of the One

So before you say a word of praise to me

Remember, nothing is from myself alone

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds

Creator of the heavens, moons and suns

Magnificent is He, glorified is He

Me, just a slave striving to change myself and the world

Through these letters, speech and words He has given to me

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