I Love Pancakes & Crepes

Im the type of person who never skips breakfast because breakfast is the best start to your day. Your body needs that kick of energy. Sleeping 6-8-10 hours without food and then going on with your day with no food for several more hours is killer. I don’t know about you all but I LOVE to eat. I just love to be in the kitchen trying different things. I especially for breakfast love pancakes, eggs either boiled, scrambled or an omelet and oatmeal. Fruits could be either an apple or banana. Since I do LOVE pancakes/crepes these are some of things I’ve created so far… Just don’t drool on your keyboard or your phone.

#1 Simple chocolate chip & banana pancakes




#2. Banana & Apple Crepe with Nutella & Honey. Scrambled eggs and more apples





#3. Chocolate Pancakes with bananas & nutella




#4 Tropical Pancake – Coconut stuffed pancakes with pomegranate, coconut & bananas




What are your favourite things to eat for breakfast? If you don’t eat breakfast, why do you skip it? You do know ramadan is over. You are ALLOWED to eat. I feel sorry for your stomach. Im always hungry, even now….



8 thoughts on “I Love Pancakes & Crepes

  1. My favourite breakfasts are eggs with brown toasts, oatmeal and fruit/fruit smoothie too, second best is paratha with achar and a really well chilled glass of milk! And third favourite is dates…Ok. It’s really hard to decide which I like most and which I like more lol! I hate skipping breakfast too…I’d rather sacrifice on an hour’s sleep than go out without breakfast; but if I rarely ever miss breakfast its because I’m getting late and I dont have time to even grab a few bites. Most often I have two breakfasts =D
    When I wake for Fajr and then go out to walk finish my morning routines(azkar, Quran etc) then I have dates, smoothie or some fruit, or a toast, or a boiled egg for breakfast. And then I have a second full-fledged breakfast of omelette, paratha, a cup of milk, or oatmeal with fruits and honey. Also depends on what season it is, I have more of boiled eggs, brown toasts and coffee in winters and more of smoothies in summers.
    I dont like pancakes for breakfast because they take so long to make and I hate waiting so long to eat up my breakfast lol I want it quick =P Besides, I’d rather not eat all the refined flours and sugars early in the morning on an empty stomach…best to start the day with something healthy!
    Ever since I’ve started my teaching job I;ve not been able to have my proper two breakfasts and I’m often getting late so I don’t get proper time for a breakfast =( I miss having two and sometimes even three breakfasts…And I just realized I wrote a whole blogpost instead of just a comment lol, sorry for that =P

    • Nice! Two breakfasts?? That is awesome! Looks like you love your breakfast as much as me. I eat like 6 boiled eggs almost everyday. 3 in the morning with my almond and peanut butter oatmeal with apples and a banana and then 3 again in the evening with again, oatmeal. I love to eat! Pancakes and crepes I’ll have once a week or twice. I do try my best to stick to the healthy foods. I am the household, family grandpa because I eat healthy.

      Prepare your breakfast/lunch/dinner the night before. Yeah, it’s not the same but at least when you wake up, it’s there. Just warm it up and go. Meal prep is an excellent time saver, especially if you have a busy schedule like yourself.

      You can write as much as you like in the comment section. I don’t even mind. I’ll read it all lol

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