Dealing With Issues With Beautiful Patience


Whenever you are dealing with issues in your life, you never want to just push aside problems in life as if they don’t exist. That is being careless about your situation and those who are involved as well. There should always be as I’ve stated many times in my previous articles a proactive approach in bettering the current situation(s) you are in. Of course, some people have situations in their lives that they unsure of or they ask themselves, what could I have possibly done to be in a situation like this? Did I deserve it? That is one the underlining problems within ourselves that is doubting the decree, qadr of Allah SWT. When we constantly doubt the decree, when we perceive things as negative, whether it has to do with loss of health, loss of a job, death of a family member or friend, we surround ourselves not physically but mentally with these thoughts of negativity. Assuming the end of things but rather, it should be a reminder of the continuous blessings we have in our lives, in this current moment, the blessings we’ve had for all those years and the blessings still yet to come. It’s beautiful when you think of how Allah SWT revealed the story of Prophet Ayyub (Job) Peace Be Upon Him and his life was full of blessings. Had wealth, had kids, he had everything. This was on going for 80 years of his life and then eventually, his health started to decline. He had lost all of his wealth. He had lost his kids but he would say to himself how could I possibly be in a state of sadness, depression when it has only been 7 years of my life but I’ve received blessings of wealth, good health and children for 80 years. Sometimes we don’t concentrate on the blessings we had or have and still to come but instead, we look at the things we are currently losing or lost and just dwell on them when everything else we have or had has been beautiful. It’s beautiful patience, acceptance of life as it comes, while being proactive and being thankful for everything given and still to come.

Life will not always go in a direction you want but life is being in those critical moments being directed to a life that is better for you. We must constantly remind ourselves instead of putting ourselves in the state of mind where everything just seems so out of place. You ever tried working on a puzzle and each piece you’ve picked up in the beginning would simply not go in the right place? But as you kept trying, as you kept progressing, as you were correcting your errors, the pieces started to fall in the right place. Things are never easy in the beginning but it requires patience. It requires belief in Allah SWT and in yourself to overcome these obstacles in your way. We would ALL like life to pan out the way we’ve imagined or planned but it simply does not workout that way. Progress, consistency, accepting the decree and being patient through the issues in your life will make them easier to accept and will insha’Allah allow you to be happy with what is going on. Will help you comprehend that what is happening is better for me, rather than what I thought was better for me. Allah SWT will continue to guide you to better things as long as you remind yourself that Allah SWT has revealed in Surah Al-Baqara: “O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.

Be patient and smile. It doesn’t hurt to crack a smile. Work at what you want but know what it is you need is being planned and has been planned before you were born. Allah SWT IS the BEST of planners, so nothing that will come your way is because He wants your destruction. Rather He wants you to come closer to Him and succeed.

3 thoughts on “Dealing With Issues With Beautiful Patience

  1. I have to look for you every time I want to read something you write (you’re not showing up on my reader feed 😦 ) But thanks for this post, and Jazak Allah khair, I’ve been needing a lot of that beautiful and sweet sabr this week, and still need some! lol I know that in every salah I do Allah (swt) is listening, keeping His remembrance on my tongue and mind has helped in so many situations. Try this, every time you stub your toe, instead of getting angry or saying a bad word (yes Arabic counts) lol say Alhamdulillah. I’ve gotten myself into this habit actually, and it works. He wanted that to happen and I hope it’s most likely a small punishment for possibly doing something He didn’t like that day and it was His qadr that caused it…just being positive πŸ™‚

    • Here is what you do. It happened to me. Unfollow me and then Follow my blog again. It works. Ill start popping up on your “Reader” feed.

      Insha’Allah, I will try that the next time I hurt myself at the gym or run into something. lol I’ve noticed when you do something or you laugh at someone for something, the next day or a few days later, the exact same thing happens. It’s happened to me once, so I remember next time something happens to someone, don’t laugh or you’ll end up paying $500 for car damage again lol

      If you need to talk about anything, you are more than welcome to send me an email. I’ll counsel you, insha’Allah to the best of my abilities. May Allah make this week and the weeks, months and years to come easy for you… Ameen.

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