If You Ask Me …..



If you ask me how my life is going, I’ll tell you with confidence and a smile that it is going how Allah SWT has intended it for me to go. Things may have not gone in my favour. Things may have fallen apart but through all I’ve been through and going through, I still know the best place for me to find peace and happiness is in my salah. 

If you ask me, how I stay positive through everything that has been going on or is now in the past? I will answer you and say, I live for today. Whatever comes my way is what will happen and is for the best. Whatever doesn’t come my won’t and it is for the best.

I can only smile and progress through life. I think it is pointless to constantly doubt yourself. To doubt your ability. To be unhappy while you have more than others or you have skills that others don’t have. To be unique is a gift and all of us are unique which sets us apart. Life is beautiful, no matter how bad it may seem. You make up for so many other people’s happiness and joys but you don’t see it in yourself. Learn to love what others love about you, so you see the beauty within. 

Allah SWT creates everything beautifully and everything according to His wisdom and His knowledge. All I can do is smile and accept because there is nothing more draining than being sad, depressed, unhappy about things that aren’t totally in your control. 

Life at times can be like chess or checkers. You make your move. You move forward while thinking it is the best decision but there is always someone making you move the other way or changing up your plans. Life is unpredictable just how unpredictable competition can be. No matter how prepared you are, it is going to come at you in so many different ways. 

Being prepared is only half the battle. The other half comes when things happen you never prepared for. That is what will test your mind. That is what will test your body. That is what will test your strength and your faith. 

No matter how bad life is, I believe there is always going to be room for a better tomorrow. There is always room for a smile. Life cannot be as bad as you have perceived. No matter the battles you face on the daily. No matter the words that are being said. 

You can overcome any obstacle that is put in your way. Any obstacle that enters your mind. Any obstacle that you fear you cannot conquer, you can. One must believe with sincere faith that Allah SWT will guide them to victory through prayer and patience. 

Life is easy. Just perceive it in a positive light, smile, make progress and be patient. Allah SWT is the best of planners for the affairs in your life. No matter the outcome, it always leads to better things, as long as you perceive these things as better things and not dwell on them in negativity. Even under the dirt, there is beauty. That is where the most precious minerals and diamonds are found. You are it. Just believe with sincere faith that things will get better. Insha’Allah 

 And Allah SWT knows best. 


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