You Make Who You Are


Social media has become a tool of acceptance of others, rather than the acceptance of yourself. If you look how big of a role social media plays, you’ll notice, most people are utilizing it for acceptance. This is a dangerous thing because if you don’t accept yourself first, then you’ll constantly rely on the acceptance of others. No matter what others will tell you. How you look. How you dress. What you eat. What they think of you. All this does not matter at the end of the day if YOU cannot accept what you have, what you are, what you are doing. People’s acceptance of you plays a very minor role in our lives but it has become major for other people due to the lack of confidence and a belief in themselves. Your self-esteem, your self belief, the way you perceive yourself shouldn’t depend on others. Those people will disappear. Those people only care for the physical and what you own. Who you are, character, personality, the battles you face, are more valuable than what is shown. Learn to accept yourself because no one is greater than who you’ve become and how you’ve grown into this person. You must learn to accept yourself and be happy with who you are. Do not perceive yourself as ugly, stupid, ignorant, lazy as you what you believe is who you’ll become and you know you are neither. Push aside the acceptance of others, say Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) because all things come from Him and Him alone and love and accept who you are. Do not fall into the praise and acceptance of others because it means little. They don’t make who you are, YOU make who you are.

2 thoughts on “You Make Who You Are

  1. Me too! Sometimes Allah (swt) send us the best people that will always love us and accept us for who we are, yet we don’t appreciate them, and take their views of us for granted.

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