What If Money Were No Object?


I remember when I was coming out of middle school and my 8th grade teacher made me write essays everyday after school for not completing my homework. I was a terrible child. All I did was bully kids and get into fights for no reason. School was the last thing on my mind because when I went home, all those calls home to my mom only entitled me to getting my butt whooped for not completing my assignments and getting into fights. Anything that had to do with school, I didn’t want to be apart of it but one thing that did capture my attention though was writing. After middle school and writing literally hundreds of essays, I loved writing.

You know those questions you get asked constantly either in elementary, middle school or high school, “what do you want to be?” Well in elementary I wanted to be Hulk Hogan. After getting into high school, my passion for writing was huge! I wanted to be a journalist but my life didn’t take that path. I was often told being a journalist, a writer, you wouldn’t make enough money. Or I was told, that is not a field for you because you aren’t fit for it.

Fast forward years later, I created a blog. On Facebook, Im constantly writing notes  or statuses that people enjoy and next thing you know, It has like 20 Likes from people I have never met or seen in my life, asides from the pictures they share. Or Im just giving my opinion, some advice on a page and it gets 77 Likes. My intention is never to write to become popular or to be recognized or praised. My intention and I say this, think this, write this without a second thought in mind is to help others. When I get emails or messages from people telling me that I have inspired them or I have motivated them, it really overwhelms me because I don’t expect these things, I really don’t. I write with my own beliefs in my mind, how I perceive and live my life. What I was taught by reading, experience, learning from others, what Islam says and I write it.

People say, “I hate my job! I hate waking up to this crap everyday of my life, listening to a boss or people who don’t appreciate me.” I guess this is what happens when you chase the money. When money becomes the reason why you do these jobs. No matter how brutal it is, no matter how boring it is, it is accepted because it is cash over sanity. I’ve played Alan Watts “What If Money Were No Object” several times this year and I thought to myself, what if money was no object, what would I really be doing?

I would be doing this. Writing! Inspiring others. Motivating others. I have been told several times that my nickname is “LC” as in “Life Coach” because I do tend to speak to people in an eager, motivating, no sugar coating way. I can easily charge a price for what I put out there but why do that when the reward for helping others and hearing or reading “you’ve motivated me” or “you’ve inspired me” or “you’ve helped me become a better person, I smile more” is much more rewarding than a piece of paper which I’d probably spend on food or video games. A piece of paper means nothing when the best rewards are from Allah SWT.

I used to think writing sucked or what I’d put my talent to, which was rapping was a curse. I remember a rapper said:

We make this chips off this gift

That we curse with

And then my mind drift

Am I defeating the purpose?

Now I realize, this is a blessing and Alhumdulilah (Praise be to Allah) for guiding me away from music and being able to use my talent to inspire, motivate and help others. If money were no object, I’d be a writer, a voice to help others overcome obstacles and self esteem issues. To be and know they are individuals that possess intelligence, gifts that can change the world and change themselves to live a life that Allah SWT did not burden any soul that it cannot bear.

What if money were no object? What would you be? What would you do? Write it in the comment section. Share it.

“Is It Because Im Black?”


This year, I’ve been going through a lot in my life but Alhumdulilah, I do my best to stay in the best of spirits. As you can see from my writing, the title of my blog, “Think & Be Positive.” I like to write things about positivity, motivation because that is the type of person I am, Alhumdulilah. A positive individual. I write things that will help insha’Allah others to be better or go through the situations in their life with positivity in mind.

I’ve been asked a few times by women if I am interested in them and due to the situations in my life I like to stay out of them and just have my own space. Im the type of person who really enjoys talking to everyone I come across. No matter who it is. How old that person is. I am just a really friendly, funny and down to earth to person. Lately, women have approached and I’ve kindly declined that Im not interested. The odd thing is, if it is a coloured woman, a black woman, they would automatically assume or ask “is it because Im black?” I find this hilarious.

Skin colour has never mattered to me, EVER. I don’t care if the person is as blue as Violet Beauregard. Sometimes people need to put down their insecurities and stop thinking everything has to do with skin colour. Not every person is the same. Just because dudes in the past may have turned you down due to your skin colour, does not mean, every guy will. You need to stop being insecure about yourself. Be confident about the qualities you have. Be confident about the way you look. If a person turns you down, it may be for several reasons or several things that person may be going through. Don’t automatically assume it is because of your skin colour. If a person wants to be with you, they’ll want to be with you no matter what it is. No matter what occupation you have. No matter what kind of car you drive or you don’t have a car. Skin colour is just honestly a BS scapegoat in saying, you are not the person for me or Im too much of a wuss and I care too much what others think.

Islam doesn’t teach you about being with someone for their skin colour, their riches, reputation, kings or queens. Islam teaches to be with people with whose character is the best. Who is best in religion. Why does Islam say this? Because character is GOLD. Piety is riches. If you have someone that has good character, it’ll be good for you and it’ll be good for your kids. If you have someone who is best in religion, pious, it’ll be good for you and it’ll be good for your kids.

Don’t always look at things from the deep end and don’t be shallow, thinking about the colour of your skin or your beauty or whatever it may be when things don’t workout. Allah SWT knows best. Just be happy with what comes your way and be optimistic of what will come your way. Hope for the best and think positively.

If You Ask Me …..



If you ask me how my life is going, I’ll tell you with confidence and a smile that it is going how Allah SWT has intended it for me to go. Things may have not gone in my favour. Things may have fallen apart but through all I’ve been through and going through, I still know the best place for me to find peace and happiness is in my salah. 

If you ask me, how I stay positive through everything that has been going on or is now in the past? I will answer you and say, I live for today. Whatever comes my way is what will happen and is for the best. Whatever doesn’t come my won’t and it is for the best.

I can only smile and progress through life. I think it is pointless to constantly doubt yourself. To doubt your ability. To be unhappy while you have more than others or you have skills that others don’t have. To be unique is a gift and all of us are unique which sets us apart. Life is beautiful, no matter how bad it may seem. You make up for so many other people’s happiness and joys but you don’t see it in yourself. Learn to love what others love about you, so you see the beauty within. 

Allah SWT creates everything beautifully and everything according to His wisdom and His knowledge. All I can do is smile and accept because there is nothing more draining than being sad, depressed, unhappy about things that aren’t totally in your control. 

Life at times can be like chess or checkers. You make your move. You move forward while thinking it is the best decision but there is always someone making you move the other way or changing up your plans. Life is unpredictable just how unpredictable competition can be. No matter how prepared you are, it is going to come at you in so many different ways. 

Being prepared is only half the battle. The other half comes when things happen you never prepared for. That is what will test your mind. That is what will test your body. That is what will test your strength and your faith. 

No matter how bad life is, I believe there is always going to be room for a better tomorrow. There is always room for a smile. Life cannot be as bad as you have perceived. No matter the battles you face on the daily. No matter the words that are being said. 

You can overcome any obstacle that is put in your way. Any obstacle that enters your mind. Any obstacle that you fear you cannot conquer, you can. One must believe with sincere faith that Allah SWT will guide them to victory through prayer and patience. 

Life is easy. Just perceive it in a positive light, smile, make progress and be patient. Allah SWT is the best of planners for the affairs in your life. No matter the outcome, it always leads to better things, as long as you perceive these things as better things and not dwell on them in negativity. Even under the dirt, there is beauty. That is where the most precious minerals and diamonds are found. You are it. Just believe with sincere faith that things will get better. Insha’Allah 

 And Allah SWT knows best. 


Be The Solution For The Change You Deserve


We all have choices in our lives when people began to enter our lives. We have a choice to either let them stay or let them go but in some situations, we let them stay because we have those thoughts and feelings, even when they screw up, they will change. The mistake we seem to be making too often, is allowing those same types of people entering our lives all the time. In hopes, they change. In hopes, that our fantasy of a fairytale ending will come true. In hopes, that things will go over smoothly and life will begin to bloom beautifully like a flower.

Nothing changes, except the condition of our hearts and minds. Each time you cry over this person, your heart aches. Your mind begins to create a scenario where you’ll end up lonely. Those sleepless nights only extend for a much longer period of time as you think of the person, who is not thinking of you. We all are able to control somethings in our lives. Some signs are given through ishtikhara (seeking goodness in Allah) and some signs are there as soon as they become apparent but we become blind over this lust, that we call love.

Walking out of a bad situation, when you know your heart aches, your pillow is wet, and your days become more depressing because that person, is the only one you want and it is their attention you crave. While your attention is only noticed when they want to be noticed and then they get angry, when you dish out what they’ve been offering. Do not be the door in their lives. Rather be the exit that leads you to more doors and more signs. That will allow you to be loved the way you feel, you need to be loved and appreciated .

No one deserves to be taken advantage of. No one deserves to be thrown aside, then picked up and dropped again as the other person pleases. You are in control of certain situations. You are in control of who should exit and enter your life. The person who causes misery, hurt and only needs your comfort when their life is boring or dull, does not deserve to be there. You are better than that and you know you deserve better than that. Don’t give your tears away to a person that does not care. Don’t sacrifice your sleep for a person who doesn’t want to be apart of your life. Don’t chase a person who doesn’t respond, you are not beggar. You are a person built with qualities that are golden in the eyes of so many but you only think being gold in front of one, who doesn’t deserve you. You are a person built with unique gifts that would be accepted and loved by so many but the one you spent your unique gifts on, doesn’t appreciate you.

Be the solution for the problems. Don’t cause them to pile up for someone who doesn’t neatly pile them sort them with you. You deserve better. Walk out of that persons life and be the reason and solution for your happiness which you deserve.

Allah SWT will provide for you. Don’t EVER lose hope because one is lost while billions are waiting to be found and touched by you. You are the cause of hope, happiness, excitement in other people’s life. Don’t lose it all because of one person who doesn’t deserve you and never has appreciated you. Chin up, smile and say you can do it. There is nothing like reassuring yourself when life is falling down and you are staying positive.

Insha’Allah, things will pass over just as rain passes over and then there is sunshine. Behind every cloud. After every night, there is sunshine. Don’t ever lose hope. Love who you are.

Radio Interview With “Voice Of The Cape”

This morning at 6AM EST, I was invited by “Voice Of The Cape” in South Africa to do a radio interview with them. At first, when I received their email, I thought it was a joke but I was overwhelmed and shot with excitement. I was thinking, “they want to interview me? WOW! Because of something I’ve written on my blog? ALHUMDULILAH!” I couldn’t stop smiling, seriously. Long story short about me being excited and my face hurting from smiling so much, here is the interview. Alhumdulilah for EVERRRYTHING!

Words Can Make You Or Break You


A lot of people don’t seem to understand that their words can shape a person. Words can shape a persons thoughts and actions. Words can shape a persons intelligence and words can shape a persons mental attitude. In many situations, a lot of people seem to want to criticize or either compare people to other people, who have been able to accomplish many things in their life. In many situations, the comparison becomes so burdensome to the person on the receiving end, they mentally drain themselves and want to give up, while building their goals and striving to be what they’ve always wanted to be.

It seems as if, people would rather negate everything the person is aiming to achieve and automatically want that person or child to achieve right than and there. They constantly sit there and criticize you, while not even asking you or seeing what you’ve already accomplished or what skills you possess. No parent or person wants to see their friend or child suffering from any type of anguish or burden. Everyone wants someone to achieve in some way or another. Instead, what we have here is a home or a circle filled with comparisons that are never ending. A home or a circle filled with people constantly criticizing you when you aren’t doing something good. They never want to see what good you’ve done but rather, only want to discourage you. In their mind, they see it as reverse psychology. If I say “you will not amount to nothing in your life” my child or friend will want to prove me wrong.

It doesn’t work like that in all cases. Not everyone is built with a mind, a fire inside of them, that is fuelled by the negative criticism. Some people are able to take that negative criticism and prove others wrong. You know the feeling when you actually do, HAHA! I PROVED YOU WRONG! Not everyone is built this way. Even people who say, I constantly proved people wrong all my life had someone, a belief, a torch, a sense of encouragement from someone who is close to them. Possibly a parent, a sibling or a friend.

While it seems in many homes, we have parents who use this type of reverse psychology to push their child in a direction they want to see them going in. They tell them, “you won’t amount to nothing. You should see your friend, they are planning on becoming doctors or lawyers. Imagine how much money they’ll make. What are you going to do besides sitting out on the porch and doing nothing?” Parents along the way have formed this belief, If I say these type of things to my child it will encourage them to be better and accomplish something along the way, they’ll want to prove me wrong.

Children, teenagers, adults and even married couples need to be constantly encouraged and told what that they are doing is good. They need to be constantly told, what they have done is a good job. There is obviously a time when you do want to be critical and give the right advice to fix the errors that they have built but to be told, you haven’t done well or it sucks, it undermines the persons self-achievement. Some parents are so harsh on their children, they expect their children to surpass even them in what they have accomplished. They want their child to constantly bring in A’s and nothing less. If it is something less, they are criticized for it and not told well done, you’ve done a great job. You are your child’s cheerleader. Not your child’s enemy. Your child comes to you, so you can congratulate them on what they’ve felt is an accomplishment. If you see your child come to you with a smile on their face and hand something to you, take some time out of what you are doing and pay attention to them. You should feel proud and happy, that your child wants to share it with you and no one else.

What you say to your child in those critical moments, will possibly shape your child’s mind and way of thinking. Being too harsh, will discourage them from showing their achievements and will possibly make them have a low-self esteem. Being too easy on them and sugar coating what they’ve done, will possibly make them lazy. Your child needs to be encouraged and motivated from you, the parents themselves. You’ve brought your child into this world and raised them. They look up to you for every single thing in their lives, so for you sit there and criticize them and put them down, is not making their future better or their tomorrow better. They want hear you say, good job, keep trying, you’ve done well. These moments are critical and they will help encourage your child to carry themselves with a positive attitude and confidence because they know, they have their parents  they can turn to, to boost them in their life. Look for in your child a skill they possess and constantly encourage them and tell them, this skill they have is great, is wonderful and you are amazing at it. It will light a way for your child to be something from those encouraging words, not those skills.

The same can be said for married couples. If the wife has cooked for you, cleaned for you, made the house look nice, you want to say good words to her. She doesn’t want you to come home and criticize her because she decided to put a glass vase in a different corner. She put that glass vase in that corner because it was appealing to her. Out of everything she has done, you chose to criticize her, instead of saying thank you or the food is good or the house looks nice. Women that are married, same can be said to you. Your husband may have worked all day, bought some groceries in, out of everything he has done in those hours, you choose to criticize him for something so minuscule. Don’t do that because it is not needed. Your wife may feel discouraged or not appreciated when she does things and may not do it the same way anymore with the same love and passion or your husband may feel the same way because he knows, he will be criticized either way.

Your words can either make or break a person. Can either make or break a relationship. It is absolutely fundamental, that we as people constantly encourage people around us, so they can see the potential in themselves, to be better people, to build a better future, to build a better community. We need to encourage, instead of constantly criticize and be compared. The next time you see someone who has done good in their life, accomplished something, say something good that they will cherish and it will build a bridge for them, that lights a way for a future that is build upon those words.

Age Is Just A Number


Today, another year of my life has passed me by. Some people would ask me, are you happy with your life? I would say yeah, I am alhumdulilah. Why wouldn’t I be? Life is so interesting. You plan towards so many things. You dream of so much in your life and where you want to be headed but you can plan and dream all you like, if Allah SWT has not decreed that for you, it will not happen.

In this now 26 years of my life, I’ve realized age is just a number. I’ve actually realized that quite a while ago. No matter how old people can be, it doesn’t define who they are and it never will. I say this quite a lot but it is your experiences that write your story, not your age. It is how hard you’ve fallen and come back, that define your character. People will attempt to define your life in so many ways but they only know a quarter of it while they look at it from the outside. They don’t know the battles you face on the daily. They don’t know the types of struggles you’ve encountered but are so quick to judge everything without looking deep inside of you.

Life can pass you by so quick and just as life passes by, people do to. Not everyone that you’ve hoped would stick around in your life to appreciate who you are, would be there. The people that do, something inevitable happens and they are gone to. Life works in a mysterious way and no matter how many books we read, no matter how many people we examine, we will never be able to figure out people and their intentions. A lot of times we come to ask why people come into our lives and what is their purpose? There is a deeper meaning to this and I’ve come to understand that Allah SWT has sent them there for a reason. Some are there to test your patience. Break that armour, that softness you have inside of you. Some are there so you can better their life, teach them lessons which you’ve learned and some are there for a purpose which we do not understand as of yet.

When people leave, in many cases, a part of you leaves with them. Human attachment on several different levels and the closer you are to them, the more it hurts to know it is time to let go. You can never prepare for these moments because your heart has become so soft towards this individual that you just yearn for them back in your life. When they do come back, it is as if everything that you’ve worked towards is finally here but I remind myself that Allah SWT is the best of planners. Sometimes it is best to let people go, rather than keeping them there without a purpose. There is so much wisdom as to why people come and go in our lives but we are so blind to see because we grown so attached. As the years go on, we come to realize this person was not the right individual for us. Sometimes you give so much of yourself to that person and no matter what, there is a lack of appreciation. There is a lack of confidence. There is a lack of trust. There is a lack of faith in Allah SWT.

I’ve noticed that shaytaan makes us fearful of what we have not even encountered yet. We come from so many different angles in our thoughts, it confuses us as to what we really want with our lives. The fear that is placed inside of us, especially of our rizq (sustenance) is the one we fear most. We’ve become so engrossed with wealth. We’ve become so engrossed in predicting everything that concerns with wealth that we often at times forget that Allah SWT has already decreed our wealth. Instead, we allow shaytaan to over power us and never go forward with life. For some people it is about degrees. For some people it is about culture and for some people it’s because their life never went a certain way, so others shouldn’t deserve the same. Fear will never allow you to live. Fear will never allow you to move. Fear will never allow you attain what may be intended for you. Why? Because you’ve allowed every doubt to turn into an excessive doubt, only for it to become your reality that you’ve accepted.

Life can be so easily lived but so hard to understand. Then when you come to think of all the “hard” things you’ve encountered, you’ve noticed you’ve become such a better person that is if you’ve allowed yourself to live to be better from the hardships. I often remind myself of the verses of the Quran whenever any hardship comes my way as it eases the difficulties which at times can be hard to comprehend.

With everything that has happened this year, I’ve accepted it all no matter the difficulty. No matter the trials in my life. These obstacles this year have only made me smile. Have only made me come closer to Allah SWT because in the end, when you leave everything behind. When the dust settles, nothing and nobody is coming with you except your deeds and the relationship you’ve created with Allah SWT. I’ve learned that with the experiences in my life, I only want to share with other people in hopes that these things don’t happen to others. My life is not rainbows. My life is not an everyday sunshine but Im proud of who I’ve become. Not an arrogant proud but a humble proud. I write so you can grasp an understanding of my life. The difficulties I’ve been through. You may read things and not find a single difficulty which I’ve written but I’ve lived it, so I write it. These writings are my experiences in life. It makes me who I am today.

Age is just a number. It is who you become that defines your life. Don’t let your age define who you are but let your experiences, your battles, your smile, define who you are. Age will never define a persons maturity or wisdom but how they’ve lived their life from those experiences, battles, will define it. Don’t only write your story but live to tell it for the betterment of others. Experiences are to be shared. Life is to be shared, which is why we get married and have kids.

At the end of this note, I can only smile with tears in my eyes and say, Alhumdulilah for everything that has happened.

I love To Eat!!

So I love to cook! Two places I love to be is in the kitchen and in the gym. Those are my “hobbies” as you can say. Since I love to fuel my body, I love to make things to fuel it. Most of the times whenever I learn something it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS through trial and error. I love to just try different recipes and different ideas. Sometimes, I’ll be like maaaan, this looks boring, let me add some things to it and BAMMMN! I’ll create something I’ve never tried before. So here are a few things I’ve cooked up… Im not the best as it nor am I great. What I am not shy of is TRYING!


Can’t Wait For “The One!”


You must’ve have thought reading the title, who is “The One?” Is he finally getting married? He finally found “The One?” Answer is… EHHHH! WRONG! No, I am not but I am definitely excited for this Saturday. I cannot wait! One of boxing greatest cards since, I can’t even remember is finally, almost here! September 14th, 2013, it’ll be one of the greatest PPV’s EVER! The main event will be Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. No doubt, this a great fight. Canelo is a young fighter who has fought not many good fighters. Mostly fighters completely out of their prime like Kermit Cintron, Shane Mosley and Carlos Baldomir. He also fought Matthew Hatton for a vacant title which he currently holds. He also some how managed to escape all the mandatories he had to fight like Angulo, Kirkland, Lara and fought Joesito Lopez. I will give him credit for fighting Austin Trout. His head movement looked great, he looked a bit smooth but his stamina, conditioning is EL TERRIBLE! I don’t know how he thinks he will be able to beat Mayweather by fighting only a few seconds of each round. Don’t get me wrong, Canelo is a great combination puncher, he has fast hands but his feet aren’t quick enough to cut off the ring. He some how thinks, watching the Cotto fight will help him against Mayweather. If anyone had watched Mayweather spar Vs Omar Henry (R.I.P), Mayweather willingly backed himself against the ropes just to counter Henry with uppercuts. This game plan will not work for Alvarez. Mayweather will jab to the body and work Canelo’s body to take advantage of his horrible stamina/conditioning. Canelo needs to fight every minute of every round, just throwing punches and not being predictable. Mayweather is a chameleon who can easily adapt to the environment under any circumstance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayweather actually looks to pop shot Canelo from a distance and keep him away as far as possible.

Then you have Lucas Matthysse (I can finally spell his last night right!) Vs Danny Garcia. This fight should be a main event of its own but it is not and im GLAD! This fight can go either way. A lot of people are counting out Danny Garcia simply because of the reason they think Matthysse posses the power to knock him out. Danny Garcia has a great chin. He also posses KO power, is able to box and has good ring IQ. While Matthysse is no joke! Watching him beat people up hurts you. When he fought Ajose Olsegun, my body was hurting watching him take all those punches. I couldn’t believe Ajose was taking that much punishment. Whoever wins this fight will be the new king of the JRWW division and I wouldn’t be surprised if the winner goes on to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr on Cinco De Mayo next May. That is unless of course, Amir Khan beats Devon Alexander which I don’t see happening.

You also have Ishe Smith Vs Carlos Molina. Carlos Molina is by far one of the most boring fighters to have on tv. Not only on TV but on PPV! Dude is a snooze to watch. All he does his hug and hug and hug his opponents. I don’t know if he enjoys holding men or just enjoys hugging but man, it is terrible to watch! The last time I watched him was winning a boring decision over old, joe, Cory Spinks and before that was against James Kirkland. The amount of clinching Molina does just wants you to get up punch him in the balls, so at least something exciting happens. Smith is a good fighter. Can be exciting. Seen him become Las Vegas first boxing champion after taking the strap away from Cornelius “K9” Bundrage. It was an exciting fight. I was expecting K9 to win the fight but Ishe came to fight and took the title away in K9 hometown of Detroit. Finally, starting the card (in reverse eh?) I think you have Pablo Cesar Cano Vs Ashley Theophane. The last time I had seen Theophane was on ESPN FNF. He had fought Delvin Rodriguez and was getting his ass whipppppeed only to be given the decision. It a was robbery! Teddy Atlas like he always does, went ballistic over the judging. I wouldn’t be surprised one day if Teddy actually gets up and socks one of them. The last time I had seen Cano fight was against Erik Morales and his face was bloody! Morales whipped that boy into a different area code. Rearranged his DNA. He got a whipping that night. Then I had seen him fight Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi. That was a reallllly good fight. We all know Paulie can’t punch but he can box really well. Cano nearly knocked Paulie off his fight. Paulie had fought good punchers but never seen him get hit like he got hit against Cano.

So my predictions for “The One”

Mayweather Vs Alvarez – Mayweather UD. I just don’t see Alvarez winning with such limited experience. Just because he had beat Trout in a very close fight which could have gone either way, he wont win against a fighter like Mayweather who is probably 10xs better.

Garcia Vs Matthysse – I can’t choose. 50/50. Could go either way.

Smith Vs Molina – Molina by putting everyone to sleep in the crowd and filling out the score cards himself to give himself the victory.

Theophane Vs Cano – 50/50. This is supposed to be an easy win for Theophane but I see him in a tough fight against Cano.

As you’ve read, I am OFFICIALLY EXCITED! I CANNOT WAIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A few more days and it’ll be here, then Tuesday GTA V!