Don’t Be Sad



Why are you sad if the best thing happening to you right now is that you’ve been given a chance to live another day? You are able to breath and live to make things right. To make things better for you. Don’t be sad because certain things aren’t going your way. Sometimes we only plan and see things in a direction where everything is blooming but we don’t realize a lot of times, even if it doesn’t go your way, things are going to bloom regardless. Look at all the things that didn’t go your way in your life and yet, you’ve accomplished so much without it and you are happy without it. You know what contentment is, you know what it feels like but you downplay it by looking at it in a very minuscule point of view, forgetting everything you’ve been blessed with. Know that Allah SWT is the BEST of planners. All you have to do is smile, make an effort and say Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) for everything.

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