Why Are Video Games Better Than Relationships?



Why are video games better than relationships? Many couples have this dispute when their significant other takes the attention away from them and puts it into a controller and the images on the screen. They nag and nag and nag and nag, not realizing video games are entertaining. Why are they better than relationships? Plenty of reasons.

When you and your significant other are arguing, there isn’t much you can do at that time, except listen to the argument and get pissed off to the point, where you want to do something stupid. Sometimes the arguments are so stupid, you don’t even know what you’re arguing about. Then one of you goes to sleep unhappy and the rest of the day goes bad.

With video games, when you’re having such great difficulty with the game. You can simply go to options and put it to easy mode. You can fly through the game without getting frustrated. No need to yell at the TV, no need to go to sleep unhappy. You just breeze through the game,lay back and smile. You may feel like you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to accomplish or feel exactly good about it but, it made you happy. Others want a challenge but you wanted things easy.

Another reason why video games are better than relationships, is when an idiot is talking smack on the other side of the microphone, you can either mute them or send them a threatening message. It’s easy and simple. They get rattled up, you laugh and you just enjoy yourself. When they get annoying, you can simply press block.

Now with relationships, you can’t even do that. You got to consider the other persons feelings. You can’t press select and mute them. You can’t say threatening things because they’ll call the cops or worse, break up with you. So you have to consider all of that. It just becomes a constant battle which you can’t do much about it because you’re thinking of the other persons feelings.

When video games become a challenge, it makes your blood boil, you want to throw your controller at the screen. You just get up, quit your game and take out the disc, turn it off and blow some steam. Very easy and very relaxing. You come back a couple minutes or hours later and you try it again.

With relationships you have to sit through the whole blood boiling phase. If you attempt to get up and leave, they think you’re weak. They think you don’t care but all you want to do is not make things worse but still, they refuse to let you go and let you blow off some steam. So you sit there, trading words with your significant other, making things worse for yourselves. It’s not worth it.

Once again, video games are better than relationships. When you get tired of a video game. You can pick it up, make sure it’s clean, has value and sell it. You can take it to Gamestop and get value for it and put it towards another game. Get cash for it and get some food or whatever else your planning on getting.

Relationships don’t allow you to do that. You can’t simply get up and just trade your significant other in because your tired of them. It’s not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be lining up at stores waiting to trade their significant other in for a better one. Again, you have to consider their feelings, you’re looking at how far in you’re in the relationship , whether it is good or bad but shoot, you don’t even care, you just want to try and make it work. When it doesn’t, you’re stuck grieving over a broken heart.

Video games will always be better than relationships. You can buy them at a price of maybe $60 brand new. If you dislike it, you can sell it. If you dislike the difficulty level, you can change it to something easier. If you are dealing with an idiot online, you can mute them. With relationships you can’t do any of that and it just becomes a pain in the ass and a lot of times, you do wish, you could trade them in along with your crappy game.

So next time you are considering getting into a relationship, think of video games. Think of how much joy it is to be in power. To be able to eject the disc and blow off steam. To be able to trade it in for something else. To be able to break it in half. To be able to turn it off when it gets you mad. Most important of all, trade insults with someone online that you don’t even know and probably will never find you, while you laugh at their stupidity.

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