How I Remain Positive, Content & Motivated



People might think why or how do you remain positive through all that, that goes on in your life? First and foremost, to me, in my eyes, every single thing that happens to me is nothing but an opportunity. Everything that has happened, has always been an opportunity. I lost a job, that right there is an opportunity for me to grow into another area. It doesn’t mean it is the end or begin to question how or why I lost the job but Allah SWT has not placed an obstacle in my way. Rather he has placed something better along the way. If I lost a loved one in my family, there is time you mourn and you feel weak but you remind yourself, your end is coming soon so this should motivate you to be a better person. To help leave your foot prints into something that your mark in society or even people’s mind is left there. This is an opportunity for you to contemplate what are you going to leave behind? Who are you going to please? What are you aiming to achieve? What is important to you? Is it in this world or the hereafter?

Some people go over board and just concentrate on the hereafter or just work on this world. They just concentrate on attaining materialistic things and nothing more but at the end of the day, when you sit down 30 or 40 years from now, do you want to be remembered as a person who just worked? No, you don’t want to be remembered for that. You want to be remembered for something positive. For something people will sit down and speak about and speak good of you after you are gone. Money is not the means to everything but it is the means to attaining what you want but it doesn’t solve the problems. It pays the bills, clothes you, feeds you but doesn’t solve the issues in your life.

You want contentment? We all do but where are you placing contentment? Who are you placing contentment with? Where are you leaving your mind at? Who are you surrounded with? These are all things you have to answer in order to find contentment. Im telling you, it is not easy to attain and it is not something which is grown on trees or from food you eat because all that is temporary. Some people will say it is in this plant that I smoke or in this liquor I drink but when you really think of it, it is something that is really temporary. It last for a few minutes or hours and even then, you don’t feel right or it is something you regret down the line or even the next day. You want contentment and so do I.

I’ve found it, Alhumdulilah (Praise be to Allah) and the days where Im lacking in my eman (faith), I miss it dearly and it bugs me so much that it makes me sad that I missed one or two. That is my salah! This is where I find my contentment and this is how one of the ways I remain positive and motivated day to day.

It’s also always has to be tawakul (trust) in Allah SWT with ALL your affairs. How long are you going to moan and cry over something that has passed? How long are you going to doubt everything that has happened when in reality, everything that has happened has been an OPPORTUNITY for you. An opportunity to get better. To be better. To get closer to Allah SWT. To open your eyes to live another day. This is an opportunity! To dry your tears after a heart break or depression. This is an opportunity for you! To be something others have doubted. To be something influential. To be motivational. When you leave it ALL, every single affair you go through in your life. Every single struggle. You turn to Allah SWT and leave everything with Him and no one else, this is what you call tawakul (trust) in Allah SWT. This is where you sit back, relax after tying your camel, meaning making that effort in whatever it is and breathing a sigh of relief. This is where you’ll feel contentment in your life. Whatever happens after that, you say Alhumdulilah (Praise be to Allah) and you smile! This is how you remain positive.

Allah SWT will constantly test you with so many things but it is how you make the MOST of those opportunities. Nothing in life is “bad.” Bad is perceived with so many negative connotations but in reality, nothing is ever bad. Everything is always an opportunity. If you constantly think like this. Thinking positively of every outcome instead of thinking “how come it happened to me? I’ve been good all my life! I don’t deserve this!” You will be content with your life. Leaving your affairs with Allah SWT. You will be content with your life because you’ve learned to accept nothing as bad. Began to perceive things as opportunities rather than I’ve failed. Began to see positivity in everything you do. In every single effort you put fort, it is through positivity, an opportunity given and trust in Allah SWT.

This is how I’ve found true contentment in my life. I never look back at life and say; “what if I’ve done things differently at this time?” No, never with that belief in my mind. Allah SWT has allowed things to be a certain way and I look at life, gleaming, beaming with opportunities to improve myself after every so called failure. After every so called missed opportunity. After every heart break. After a phase where I feel like I can’t get up no more. I grab that rope of Allah SWT and I hang onto it and never let it go.

Look at things positively. Be content with the affairs in your life and have full trust in Allah SWT that everything in your life is for Him and Him alone and everything that is going to happen and will happen, has shaped you to be who you are today. You are a strong individual because of those moments in life. You are a much better, wiser individual because of those moments in life. You are not failure. No! Because every failure calls for an opportunity and if you are at that moment in life now, this is YOUR opportunity to get up and keep going and never look back but look back for the lessons you’ve learned ,Insha’Allah. This how I perceive my life and live it. Allah praise is due to Allah SWT.

May Allah SWT guide you and keep you strong.

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