None Of You Will Truly Believe Until…


Most people are concerned with how Beyonce did her hair, what new style of hijab Ill wear, what sneakers to pick up next instead of helping to find solutions to the problems society has to constantly deal with, which aren’t relatively new. The sad part is, as new trends keep popping up and new “stars” arise, world issues, things we deal with on a regular basis, social problems are put into the corner of the closet and forgotten about.

Most people are intrigued and would rather hear the gossip about whose family did what, what sins another person committed, instead of looking into their own errors but who cares, all this is minor until you have to deal with it within your family or yourself. Then to go out and hear these things from those you reported to, only to look down and contemplate about how you spoke about others.

We are rather intrigued by the dramas that unfold but are fictional and only a person’s imagination. We attempt live within that realm that never existed because after the director yells “CUT!” their personas, the people you admire are cut too. Instead we flock to these people who probably don’t even care about you. You invest your time, money and energy screaming their name, only for them to say “who are you again? I know you from where?” yeah, they never really cared. Instead, you rather get your heart broken by these fictional marauders, instead of getting your heart repaired by the words of Allah SWT.

The world is so full of “what is there to entertain me next?” Instead of “what do I learn to do next, that will benefit me?” Instead we have people expecting instructional manuals on life, instead of experiencing it themselves. They don’t know, experience is life’s best teacher but who cares, I’d rather wait to hear someone else story.

The fame and the glory is not something to live for because even those who lived for the fame were often at times miserable themselves. Attaining temporary happiness but you seek attain what is temporary and they would happily exchange their life for yours because it’s more simplistic, without it being televised and photographed if they step out. Instead we foam at the mouth dreaming of their nightmares, while they plead and want to escape their nightmares, wanting your reality.

We are more concerned about who scuffed up our shoes, instead of those who have no shoes. We pass people with their hands out, while our hands are stuck in our pocket. Stingy to give a dollar but more than happy to give multi-billionaire companies $200. It’s confusing but this is the reality we live in. Syria full of blood. Egypt full of blood. Burma full of blood. Bangladesh full of blood. Palestine full of blood. Iraq full of blood. Afghanistan full of blood. Pakistanis and Somalis hit by drones while Obama says “I hope Muslims have a happy and safe Ramadan around the world. A month blessed with joys of family, peace and understanding.” Hypocritical. Africans being subjects to new chemical test and us…. full of pride and ego. We sleep in peace, while they are afraid of losing more than a piece of themselves. Our reality better than theirs but we don’t cherish it, instead we complain about the food, the clothes, the cars and the way we commute which we don’t lack, which they lack of.

It’s a sad reality and this is how we really live. Tomorrow will never change until we change the conditions within ourselves but we are deaf, dumb and blind by our own egos, pride and new ways to become popular and how to entertain ourselves. The voice of the people trapped behind the guns drawn, the laws passed and big brother watching. No unity but we are united in long lines to shop for the latest deals. What’s up with that? Victory seems to close but united we need to become first. The United Nations have their own agendas, so they don’t count.

We are the voice of the people. Leaders of this beautiful ummah (community/nation).The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” [Shahih Al-Bukhari]

Think about…………..

4 thoughts on “None Of You Will Truly Believe Until…

  1. You’ve written well these thoughts which were also running in my head lately after hearing another bloody news. It’s very sad to see them bleeding, while on the other side you see people are either complaining too much or partying all day without even noticing our brothers’ pain. So heartbreaking. Allahu a’alam.

    • JazakAllah khair. It’s really sad. We really can’t do much except make du’aa and insha’Allah things get better. What affects others, affect us to. The Muslims are like one man, if his eyes complains then the whole of him complains, and if his head complains then the whole of him complains – Shahih Muslim… so what they go through, affects us. It saddens us, no matter who it is. Muslim or non-muslim… insha’Allah things get better.

  2. You are very right about all these ! Yes most of the people are more attracted towards the glitter rather than knowing the reality behind that glitter ! It is a sad reality but a true one…. That is why it was said By Allah to ponder upon things and try to think what they are truly meant for !

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