Shaping Your Mind Towards Thinking & Being Positive



When you are willing, dedicated and determined to change something in your life, you will change it. Leading up to that change, you will shape your mind, your body towards that change. Once you’ve shaped it, you’ve hyped yourself up, you are mentally ready, you will begin that process of change. People always say, “Oh, I’ll do it next week or next month.” You know how say it’s in that college commercial, “how about you do it now?” Well, you should do it either way. If you really want to change, you’ll change. You wont wait for something magnificent to come into your life to help you change or something bad to happen in your life for you to change.

Time is short. Use it as wisely as you can. People say, I’ll pray salah when I am ready to pray or women will say, I’ll properly wear hijab when I am ready to wear it. Or a smoker will say, I can’t quit because I am addicted and I need it to help me ease myself. It’s all in the mind, baby! You don’t let your mind control you, you control your mind! You tell your mind, I am the boss, I am the one in charge of how certain things will change in my life. It’s about action! We all know about decree of Allah but how many people will say, my life is supposed to go this way? My life is supposed to be bad? I am supposed to be depressed? When you say all these things, you’ve come to believe all these things.

I am not pretty with the hijab. If I pray my salah, my boss will fire me or they’ll cut my pay. If I don’t smoke today, I will go crazy. You’ve come to believe it, so you become it. Take control of what you can take control of. Each person is responsible for their own actions and how they are also able to shape their mind. Don’t become the negative, become the positive.

Say, I am beautiful with my hijab. If my boss fires me from my job because of me praying salaah, Allah will replace this job with a job that is much better than this job. I don’t need smoking, smoking needs me. Without it, I can live insha’Allah longer and prevent certain diseases or cancers from entering my body. When I kiss my wife, she wont feel like she’s kissing the bottom of my ash tray.

It’s about setting your mind to be positive in situations, where you believe, you can’t live without certain things. You are unable to do certain things. Set your mind in way where the decree of Allah is everything and whatever is to be is always going to be positive. It’s always going to be about action and effort. It’s always going to be if you are determined or not. it’s always going to be about who is in control of who you are. Who is going to determine whether you are unattractive or not? Whether you can succeed or you cannot? Do not let no one else determine whether you can’t do something. They don’t hold your legs or your arms or most important of all, your mind. You hold your mind. You know what enters your mind and what exits your mind. Always do something with determination and with 110% effort! With the positive belief that it is going to be good. Don’t do something with a negative thought in mind. It will make you give half the effort. When you put 110% of your mind into being determined, into the effort that is about to be put forth, you will gain so much out of it and be happy with the outcome. Positivity is everything! If you can get hold of your mind, the whispers, the negative friends, choke them, not literally but be able to steer your life in a positive direction, with the belief of good outcomes even if it didn’t go your way, Insha’Allah, life will be easier to accept and being positive will be as easy as turning on the tap for water. It will constantly will be there.

And Allah SWT knows best

13 thoughts on “Shaping Your Mind Towards Thinking & Being Positive

  1. My weakness is that I’m being easily affected by the words of others, but with Allah I know I’ll be strong each day. This a good reminder that these flaws I want to change, I can change it because I’m determined and dedicated. I will change to be better, to please Allah. Whatever happens I trust Allah. Allahu A’lam.

      • I become silent, sometimes I isolate myself for a while or go to a relaxing place. My thoughts will always be how to be better without displeasing Allah. If I find them wrong, I’ll remain the same. Some people hate, some people love. It just ruin my mood sometimes but nothing else more serious. 🙂

      • That’s the issue a lot of times. When we tell others what they are doing, it is haram or just displeasing to Allah SWT, they brush it off and it affects us because it a lot of times our friends. They would rather follow their nafs, their desires, rather than what displeases Allah SWT. Sometimes, it gets to a point where they only do just that because their desires have over taken what has been correct to do.

        When they do those things, don’t become upset. Don’t let it bother you. You can only give naseeha, positive naseeha, time and time and time again. Whether they want to listen or not, it is up to them and it is up to Allah SWT.

        There is nothing wrong with becoming silent or isolating yourself when these things happen because it’s human nature to feel for others, unless you are very cold hearted person but don’t let it bother you to the point where you become a different person. Where people see it affects you to the point that they know it bugs you because when they do, they’ll do it cause they know it gets to you. You give your naseeha and you keep on going. There are things that bother me but I remind myself that it is only words, an opinion. I say what I need to say and then move on with my life.

        Just do your best to control these things at time and insha’Allah, you’ll see yourself becoming a much stronger individual that when things others do and it is displeasing to Allah, you’ll give naseeha, smile and be as you were. Have a piece of mind when you are upset. Go some where to get your mind off things but become as you were, before the situation happened.

        Everything I’ve read from you is great and you have great potential to be a very positive individual, masha’Allah! When I say this, I really, really, really, love your writing. So just because you can’t make an impact on others or those close to you, remember there are others around you, that cherish your work as if it is golden. You have possibly made an impact on their lives. As long as you do things to please Allah SWT, with the intention it is for Him and Him alone, you’ll be happy, insha’Allah. Keep smiling and keep writing.

      • This is just so wonderful advice. I appreciate it really. I should remain who I am and to improve for the sake of Allah not to please anybody. There are moments when I just want for the people around me is their good, but maybe Allah has not yet opened their hearts to understand the truth. There are also times when I feel not good enough because of the impact of the people around me but I feel better knowing that there are these people willing to motivate me to keep on going. Alhamdulillah. I’ll keep up all you said in my mind. May Allah guide you every day and increase His rizq on you. Also, continue helping us to feel better too. InshaaAllah.

      • Yeah, just improve for yourself and improve to get closer to Allah SWT. You cannot ever please everyone. When you do something, some people will say I LOVE IT! Some will say, that’s not good, I don’t like it, its bad, then you’ll be confused. Some people will want to be before you, no matter what condition you are in. If you are sick, i still want your help. If you are busy, I still want your help. So when you attempt to please them, you are sacrificing your peace of mind and worrying about them. Do as much as you can for others, that is it. Nothing more, nothing less. If you attempt to do too much for others, im telling you, it will never be appreciated. Even when you do things now, it’ll never be appreciated but seek your reward, ajar, from Allah SWT and insha’Allah, you will be rewarded.

        You cannot make an impact on everyone, just as comedians can’t make everyone laugh. Just as your favourite foods will not be other people’s favourite foods. You know? Everyone will have different taste and likes compared to yours. Some will agree and some will disagree. Just be yourself and be happy with who you are becoming cause I see from what I read a beautiful person with a beautiful mind. Just continue to improve.

        You are doing great :)… And jazakAllah khair for your kind words. I appreciate them. Ameen

      • Watch this… It’ll make you understand things better, insha’Allah. It is in Arabi and translated in English. You’ll have a better understanding of it since you speak and understand Arabi.

        Don’t Be A Candle That Lights Others But Extingushes Yourself

      • It’s like a lot of help, brother. I will surely watch it. InshaaAllah. Thanks for sharing one which has translation, I need it. I appreciate all the effort. Jakallahu khair.

      • Your welcome. Feel free to ask me for advice on anything, whenever you like. I am here for you :)… Wayak. Don’t think you are bugging me when you ask me.

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