“Islam Is Not Fair! It is about equality! Not Equity!”

A lot of times people say, Islam doesn’t give women their rights and the husbands or men oppress women. Even though, it is a well known fact, should be, that men and women have rights over one another. Still they say, everyone should be treated as equals. I’ll do my best to keep this post as short as possible with a simple example of equity, insha’Allah.

Im sure we are all working or have worked at some point. In a working environment we have people above or below us. Each employee has a right over another. The CEO, Managers, Supervisors all have a degree of rights over the workers, who do things to make things function in the workplace. The CEO informs the secretary,  the secretary informs the managers, the managers inform the supervisors and the workers inform each other. If each of these individuals had equal power, equal rights of one another, do you think the workplace would be in chaos? Of course it would because people that are on the level on equality, no matter what it is, always want to have rights over another.

We can even look at the example of children and how many of us have been raised. We are told to respect the elders and the younger children are to respect their elder siblings. The elders, parents, grand parents are able to tell the children what to do and what not do and this based on wisdom and experience, also because their rights over the younger individuals. If each of these family members had equal rights to one another, again, there would be chaos within the family as each individual would want to take a leadership role or have more rights than the other person.

Why is this? It is the nature of mankind and how we have been created. Everyone screams for equality but within our own workplaces, no matter what we do, there is no equality. People will say, well they’ve earned their position to have power, rights over them but people don’t think, if there was a level of equality within everyone in the workplace, same pay, same hours, same lunch break, same everything, one will think I’ve done more so I’ve earned the right to be in a better position. Even with siblings, same thing can be said. If the parents treat all the children equally, even though they should, one will say or think, I’ve done more, so I’ve earned the right to do this, while they can’t.

Instead, people constantly argue that Islam is unjust and unfair to women because the men have a degree over them. No matter how you look at life, there has never been equality between people, where everyone is looked at and treated as equals. There has always, always, always been rights over one another. Look within your own marriage, whether you follow Islam or not, your husband has rights over you, whether you know it or not and your wife has rights over you. The cops, the courts, store clerks, owners, everyone has a degree over people and people have a degree under them. The police has a degree of rights over you and the person in question, has rights over them.

It is in Allah SWT infinite wisdom that He had allowed these rights over one another when it comes to husband and wives, also children. He knew, if there was equal rights for everyone, there would be chaos and one within the home wanting power. Each individual has rights over another and is responsible for certain functions within the home. Just as in the workplace, each individual has rights over another to keep things functioning in the correct method, based on their abilities. We all are created differently as men are created differently from women and how they react and respond to certain things. Men possess things women don’t, whether in their physical abilities or mental abilities and the women as well. This is the reason why, Allah SWT has given men rights over their wives based on how they are created, react and function. And Allah SWT has given rights the wife over the husband, based on how she is created, reacts and functions.

No matter how we look at society. No matter from what level we look at it, equality really does not exist. If equality did truly exist the gap between the rich and poor would not exist. Everything or most things works by rights or privileges. If we did live in a society where equality ruled, everyone would be fine. Where there is no gap between black and white, rich or poor. Everyone is on the same level but we don’t. You either have earned those rights given to you by others, given rights by Allah SWT or you have naturally given others the rights based on how you were created.

And Allah SWT knows best….

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