Where Are The Men?? Observation Of WordPress

Whenever I get a chance to browse the wordpress categories, I usually look under two. Islam and Muslim. It seems like the majority of topics written in these two categories seem to be women. Where are the men??? It seems like the women are more likely to take a step forward in tackling issues and speaking about issues within the Muslim community, about themselves and their experiences and spreading knowledge to the best of their ability which is great, especially when they do have kids, since the mother will be the madresa (school). Now where are the men? I do see a few minority of men, I guess along with myself and a few others writing about Islam and a few other issues but the majority are the women, masha’Allah! There is nothing wrong with that but the men have to step their game up or put their game down. Don’t get me wrong, I love video games, I’d trade my wife when I do get married and she annoys me for a video game but where are the men??? Are the women more interested in the deen (religion), coming closer to the deen and strengthening their eman (faith) compared to the men? I could be wrong or dead wrong. Wherever you men are, step your game up and to the women who are doing their best, continue to do what you are doing and I always say, make sure what you are spreading is correct. Just do your best …

Allah knows best

One thought on “Where Are The Men?? Observation Of WordPress

  1. I too often browse through Islam and Muslims but never noticed this fact….Now I am thinking may be yes you are right ! I now wonder along with you where are men ? Great thought !

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