Didn’t Meet Your Expectations This Ramadan?


Didn’t meet your expectations this Ramadan? Didn’t accomplish what you had in mind? Ramadan is over or almost over? Do you give up or continue to strive? Just because Ramadan is over doesn’t mean you stop striving to fulfill those same expectations do you? Whatever you wanted to achieve this Ramadan, you have all these months to fulfill them and as the next Ramadan approaches, you will have fulfilled those same goals, expectations you had in mind only to get better. You don’t stop learning about Islam because the holiest month has passed or you are rewarded more. Who knows, the more you strive after Ramadan makes you a better person, you come closer to Allah SWT and you may even teach people about Islam which others may have not known about.

Always be positive with how you think in the present, so it’ll prepare you for your future. A lot of people put a stop to a lot of things after Ramadan only to lose all the benefit and work they’ve put forward. It’s like getting a job and within a month of getting the job, you stop working the way you used to work. You stop striving for a better position in the company and you are only miserable being stuck in the same place. Keep on striving even after Ramadan so you don’t have to worry about “I missed this and I missed that.” You didn’t miss nothing. You only think you missed so much, when in reality you missed nothing because you’ve been blessed to live another day. Many people have died this Ramadan. Some people died on the first day, some people died the first week and weren’t able to accomplish anything, while you’ve been blessed to complete the month with learning or being a better person insha’Allah for the sake of Allah SWT.

It’s like climbing a mountain and as soon as you get to the top, you decide to go all the way back down and say, ill wait another year to try and climb it again. No, you’ve almost reached the top, so continue to get to the top no matter how hard it becomes. No matter how cold the weather is up there. No matter what you have to go through, KEEP ON STRIVING! The finish line is when you die. That is it! When you die is when you rest. Right now, during these last few days of Ramadan or even 1 last day left, you keep on striving. You accomplish what you can and continue to accomplish more and more. Do not give up! Do not waste away all your effort because you’d rather do something which is less important. If you were reading the Quran consistently this Ramadan, keep on reading it. Even if you don’t do it everyday or read as much as you were reading, read as much as you can and as often as you can. If you were praying your salah 5 times a day, 3 times a day, 2 times a day, keep on striving. Do not let your salah go. Make that effort to pray in congregation. Make that effort to pray on time as you were. Make that effort to pray before the time for that salah is up. You began wearing the hijab this month, do your best to keep it on and remind yourself how beautiful you look in the hijab and the person you are only pleasing and doing it for is Allah SWT. You must remind yourself you are beautiful in it. If you were giving sadaqa (charity) continue to give charity, do not put an end to what you’ve worked so hard for.  It’s like an athlete whose trained for several weeks or months and when it is time to compete, the athlete just gives up and doesn’t want to compete anymore. You are that athlete and you are competing for the love of Allah SWT. If you were asking for forgiveness everyday, continue to ask. Do not leave what will make you better for what will make you possibly goto the hellfire. You want Jannah (heaven) not jahanum (hell).

So whatever you are able to learn even after Ramadan will be beneficial for you, insha’Allah. Don’t stop walking towards the straight path. Don’t stop walking towards Allah SWT. Don’t stop learning the religion which will enter you in jannah, insha’Allah. Your work is only done when your time is called to meet Allah SWT. As of today, you have today, tomorrow and insha’Allah more days to come. Take advantage of them.

9 thoughts on “Didn’t Meet Your Expectations This Ramadan?

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