You Will Be Tested Just As The Prophets Were – Be Patient

Ya Rabb! So many test are coming my way in such little time. My patience being tested with things that are unreasonable and unjust, that many would think, “you for real??? That’s stupid!” But this is all the will of Allah SWT!! The tests are much closer to home and so close that, this is apart of you that will end up leaving one day and there is nothing that will prevent it. May Allah SWT give me the patience and give us the patience who are going through many things in our lives, which aren’t even close to what we are going through. It’s tough holding on, when things around you are falling apart. Then I remember the comfort Khadija (May Allah Be Pleased With Her) would give the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) and after she passed away, he was down, then Allah SWT revealed the salaah, so he wouldn’t feel so down. Then I remember the story of Prophet Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) and how his father stayed patient and had faith in Allah, when his brothers threw him into a well and years had passed, he came back. Then I remember Prophet Ayoob (Peace Be Upon Him) who had wealth, children and everything was taken away but still remained patient even after all that. Allah SWT has revealed so much to us and so many examples that should keep us strong but us as humans, we are weak and eventually will fall into weakness due to attachment of family or whomever it maybe. Allah SWT will continue to test us just as the Prophets were tested.

May Allah SWT keep us strong with all the tests and hardships we are going through.

One thought on “You Will Be Tested Just As The Prophets Were – Be Patient

  1. So true, even Allah warns in the Qura’n that do people think they will be left alone on just believing in Allah and not be tested.
    “We will surely test you with some fear and hunger, and with scarcity of wealth and lives and crops; and give glad tidings to those who patiently endure” And Allah tests those whom He loves. And a believer is rewarded even if a thorn pricks him and he is patient; the bigger a test is, the more reward. So glad tidings to you brother! May Allah make your affairs easy for you and grant you patience and strength needed for the times you’re going through, and reward you immensely, Aameen!

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