Address Your Problems, Don’t Bottle Them

When going through problems in your life, be responsible by addressing them, rather than bottling them inside. The longer you bottle them inside, the more pain you will endure. The more suffering you will cause not only yourself but those who you love. Not only will your problems continue to bring you down but you will see yourself destroying friendships and people will start to distance themselves from you.

All problems are solved and every problem has a solution. Do not be the one that feels, your problems are not big enough to be solved. Solve the minor issues in your life now, so they don’t become a bigger problem.

Just as you leave rust on a car, thinking it’s not worth a fix now, eventually, down the road that rust will cost you more money and cause more problems because you did not address the problem when it first appeared.

Get to the root of the problem by speaking to someone, who will advise you and help you get on the right path so you can leave those problems behind and get back to where you once were. Make your salah (prayer), stay patient and have strong faith in Allah.

Be around those who are constantly positive and that will help uplift your spirits and help you through the suffering and pain, by always bringing a smile on your face.

If you are going through something and want someone to talk to, feel free to send me a message. I will do my best to give you the right advice, which will benefit you, Insha’Allah!

And Allah knows best.

7 thoughts on “Address Your Problems, Don’t Bottle Them

  1. I often struggle with drawing the line between talking about my problems and complaining. Then others talk to me about their problems to show me that my problems aren’t as “bad” as their own. Does it matter?

    • Depends. If the things you are complaining about are always the same issue, then you should take the advice have given to you every time. If you don’t talk about your problems and you keep them inside as I’ve described, then it’ll become an issue for you in the long run. When others talk to you about the problems, you remember your problems aren’t so big because they are always going through worse. That is why it is said, look at those below you or worse off because or problems or wealth isn’t as bad as others.

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