Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Mubarak suckkkkkaaaas(Nice, aren’t I?) !!! So Ramadan is finally here! Many people cannot wait for the month of Ramadan to come around and somee people’s eyes light up and say “OMG! THIS HEAT! I CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT WATER! I NEEEEEEEED WATER!!!” Bunch of sissies! Suck it up! Im just joking. It takes strong individuals to fast through out the day and abstain from many things, which we do a regular basis and now concentrate to improve ourselves and improving our connection with Allah SWT.

Here are just a few tips to help you, insha’Allah! This is going out to me first and foremost and then the rest of you all. So before someone comes and says or thinks “MR. PERFECT!” No, I am not him, he has died and I’ve love to Perfect Plex someone one day but I am not perfect.

So here we go!

If you haven’t been praying your salah as often as you should, then today is a great day to begin to slowly tread that path which gets you closer to your Creator everyday.

If you are a female and you haven’t been wearing the hijab and you struggle to wear it because of the whispers in your head about who is going to critique you and who is going to watch you… as The Rock says “IT DOESN’T MATTER!” If you feel comfortable doing what you do everyday and you don’t care what others are going to say about your job, the car you drive, whether you take public transport, the tv shows you watch, the sports you play, whatever it is you do and people say something anyway and it doesn’t bother you, then “thinking” people will say you are “ugly” in the hijab or “you never used to wear it, is it going to part-time for Ramadan?” It shouldn’t bother you. This is a relationship between you and Allah SWT and not them. If they truly are your friends and they care for you, they will encourage you with positive words.

If you have habits which really affect your eman (faith), review them and see what is blocking you from becoming better everyday. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, playing video games for hours, smoking, drinking alcohol, going to the clubs, listening to music, things that affect your eman (faith), that you know in your heart that, “man, this right here is really hurting me and my relationship with my creator” then learn to let it go slowly. Anyone can drop a habit when they want to but the psychological part plays a huge role in people’s lives that is why, a lot of those people when they let it go with a snap of their fingers, they do eventually come back around doing the same thing. Im not saying, let it go when you are ready because death doesn’t tell when it is ready to come, so know what you are leaving with when it is your time. Minimize your sins and do not expose your sins either. It’s tough but do your best.

Continue to do good deeds and work on doing those good deeds all year around and keep them to yourself. Do not go out and brag to your homies and tell them, “yo, I just gave this person $20 and I felt good today.” Keep it to yourself. The left hand shouldn’t know what the right hand does in charity. Meaning, keep these things to yourself. Yeah it does feel good to give someone charity and it uplifts you spirits knowing you are in a better position than that person but keep it to yourself. This doesn’t only mean giving out money, but sadaqa (charity) can be for many things for that matter. Even smiling at someone is charity, shaking someone hand is charity, saying something nice is charity (I don’t say nice things, im EVIL!). The list is massssiiivee!!

Ask forgiveness for your sins. Sincerely repent for your sins. Just do it every single day! Allah SWT is Most Merciful, Most Forgiving. No matter what sins you have committed, Insha’Allah, you will be forgiven. Allah SWT is Al-Ghafoor, He is forgiving. so what do you have to lose? All you have to do is ask Allah SWT, so turn and repent and do your best to not to commit the same sins.

Again, everything I write is a reminder for myself first! I can keep going cause I love to write but im just going to say, write, just do your best this ramadan to IMPROVE! When you want a better job or a position in a company, what do you do? You IMPROVE yourself to be elevated to that position, so they take notice of your IMPROVEMENTS. You and I are capable of all this but are you/we willing to go that extra mile to IMPROVE, as you/we are willing to improve our lives to get a better position in life? Well that better position in life, with Allah SWT can start today and you are that change and you have it in you, to do it…..Insha’Allah!

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8 thoughts on “Ramadan Mubarak!

  1. LOL. As much as I love your recent blog posts, I seriously adore these type of posts – they’re so much fun! You advice but the posts also personal, and have a bit of humor in them. Of course, as a writer your style is forever changing and no one ever stays the same. Though I would love to see some of this mshabazz in your future blog posts, cuz it’s a whole bunch of awesome.

    • It’s the reason why I stopped doing videos cause I always did funny faces or did weird things in between. Im not as serious as these posts, Im actually quite random, annoying, and pretty sarcastic. I could take that approach but it would take away from the essence of the message I am trying to get across.

      Thank you 🙂 lol

      • WAT. NOOOOO, I whole heartedly disagree! None of these posts are annoying! Some subjects yeah, you can’t exactly poke fun because of it would take away the deeper meaning. But randomness, sarcasm, humor, etc convey parts of yourself which makes it extremely amusing to read.

        It also makes it easier for people to connect to you. Readers want to connect to the bloggers and when you let yourself be yourself, a connection is established. AND LOOOOOOFFFFFFF (love) AND SPARKLY RAINBOWSSSS. *cough* pardon me, I’m in a good mood.

        As for your videos, I never gave feedback because, well, to be frank I suck and I couldn’t be bothered. Either way, if you filmed them via your webcam or had someone hold your mobile phone so it could be more steady, and edited them…they’d be awesome. I love funny faces! I feel like if you make it more structured, insert jokes and etc where they’re appropriate, you could have a really good thing going there.

        I’m serious! This blog is goooood, and vlogging could take it to the next level. Are you kidding me, I would vlog if I were not scared of disgusting people on the internet doing God knows what over my face *shudders*

      • No, no, I know my post aren’t annoying but myself as an individual is annoying to other people. I know what I am, trust me. I am annoying on purpose, not these posts.

        When I write, I just like to be in a different zone. To relieve my stress and just express myself differently. Me being random, funny, weird, sarcastic, annoying is different from this blog and my facebook page. When i write, I want people to discover something else, besides my being random, funny, weird, etc, you know?

        I have some pretty funny articles written on here like “Why Video Games Are Better Than Relationships?” Another is “Why Women & Men Cannot Be Friends” and some other ones, can’t remember.

        I made a video a few months back where I added like bloopers at the end of it and the bloopers were longer than the serious part of the video, lol It’s just me, being who I am. The blogs and all that, is a different part of me.

        Thank you, I appreciate you saying that lol If this many people come to my blog each day to read it and it continues to grow, alhumdulilah, im doing something right.

        You should vlog if that is your thing to do. Don’t worry what others say, just do it and see how it goes.

      • So this is how good my attention span is. I read the part where you said you made a video and added the bloopers at the end, I then went to your YT channel to look for said video. Watched all videos, found no bloopers. Coming back to WP ready to comment “PICS (VID) OR DIDN’T HAPPEN” then I actually read your comment fully. Oh boy.

        That’s understandable if you want to be inspirational and get the message of positivity out and help people. Also if that is how you release your stress and gets your creative juices going. The posts you write are still you of course, we’re not always happy, eccentric people. Though what I’m trying to get at is you’ll find a lot more people will relate more if the blog posts are a bit more personalized, so you get a sense of who the person behind the posts is.

        Anyway, back to the vids. I LIKE THEM. I forget now why you didn’t make them anymore cuz I’m replying via my WP front page and I’m a lazy cow. Either way they’re good, and you should make more if you ever feel like it again. I’ll be a regular commenter too!! *cough*blackmail*cough*

      • I believe that video is on my other channel. It could be on this blog too unless I removed it can’t remember.

        The funny thing is what a lot of people don’t realize is, all or most of these posts are personal but It’s never written in an “I” or “me”- sense.

        I may do more videos in the future InshaAlla. We shall see. I Will think about it lol

      • Link plzzzz.

        No I agree that they are personal, you share anecdotes and relate the subjects to yourself. Though when I say personalized I mean that there is a distinctive voice behind the written posts that readers can recognize and maybe identify with.

        You should try doing a Q&A and then film the answers. But yes you should do it! Also your style of dressing is so different in every video it’s a freaking joy to watch. I love clothes too much.

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