Give Everything You Got!!!!

In everything you attempt to do, you always give 110% effort to be satisfied with the outcome of things. No matter what it is and no matter what type of past you’ve come from, you give it your all. Whether it be relationships, your career choices, raising your kids, working out or sports, you give it everything you got. Forget about the past and how you’ve been mistreated. Forget about the past and how you’ve failed. The moments in the present are your time to shine, to prove, you’ve outgrown and learned to adapt under any circumstance or obstacle in your way.

When you worry about others putting in the same effort, you will only cause problems and think negative of the situation you are in. No matter who you work with. No matter who you are married to. No matter what team you are on, the other persons efforts are going to be different from yours. Through their eyes and in their mind, they are giving 120% effort, while you are giving less. In your mind, you are giving more but in their mind you aren’t giving enough. You might try your heart out, break a leg, cook the best meal you’ve ever cooked but they may still not see the effort you put in. You have to remember, we will never be the same nor will we ever be equals. No two people are the same and no two people will ever love in the exact same way and no two people will have the same work ethic. One will always be above another and one will always see efforts in a different way.

You give everything you got because you’ve been raised to get up and keep going, no matter many how times you failed. No matter what you’ve got in return. It is either 110% effort or nothing at all. Your efforts should not be determined by the past nor by the circle you are in. You are going to learn, you are going to give and you are going to be the best person you can be. Give everything you got in everything you do, in order to be satisfied with the outcome. Your efforts will continue to open doors and your efforts will create so much more than you’ve imagined. Don’t look to be appreciated for what you do, the praise and appreciation is there. It is either you will be appreciated after you are gone or you will be appreciated in the present moment. Your objective is to give 110% effort! Give it everything you got!

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