Rizq Is From Allah – Part 2

Now all of this is well known to us. I haven’t mentioned anything new or ground breaking. All of us know this but the problem is, within our minds it is only a theory and a concept. We haven’t applied it practically within our lives. We don’t see its application or its implementation in our daily routine and that is why now, for the vast majority of us, we have fear and we are worried that we might lose our jobs, our business might not do very well, our benefits may be cut, this issue or that issue may affect our finances and we have become attached to these materialistic issues forgetting we should return back to Allah SWT. That it is an issue of aqeeda (belief). That is Allah SWT alone who controls our provisions and not anyone or anything else, so we need to realign our line of thinking. We need to set our priorities straight. We need to connect this issue back to our aqeeda (belief), back to Allah SWT and from the issues we need to know about concerning our rizq, is that it is Allah SWT who controls all provisions. And He Allah SWT has enough provisions to provide for me and provide for you. Allah SWT can provide for everyone and there is not a limited budget or a limited amount that is within the treasures of Allah SWT that it will run out if I take more of if you take more. Allah SWT is sufficient for everyone.

As it is mentioned in Sahih Al-Bukhari on the authority of Abu Hurraria (May Allah Be Pleased With Him), that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said concerning our Lord. that Allah SWT hands are full and Him spending does not diminish in His kingdom and dominion. He is the one who gives generously without any fear of poverty by day and by night. And the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: Do you not see what Allah SWT had spent already when He had created the heavens and the earth? Allah SWT has provided for me. Allah SWT has provided for me from the time i was born and He provided for you from the moment when you were born and He provided for our parents before us and then before them and the billions of people living and the billions of people that had lived in the time of Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) and He continues to do so and it doesn’t diminish anything from his kingdom or His dominion.

Allah SWT says in Hadith Al-Qudsi: “O my slaves! If the first from amongst you and the last from amongst you and the jinn from amongst you and the humans from amongst you, all of you together were to come upon a single plane and each one of you were to come and ask of Allah SWT and Allah SWT had given you that which you requested, then that would not diminish anything from the kingdom of Allah SWT, except that when you goto the ocean and you place a needle within the ocean and you draw it back, how much does that ocean diminish with that single needle?”

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, let us apply this hadith in our lives. Today when you go home fill up a sink with water, take a glass or a tub of water, show this to yourself and your family. Take a tip of a pencil or a needle and place it within that small tub of water, take it out and see how much of that water is left and then apply that example on a vast ocean. That is the dominion of Allah SWT. So why then are we afraid that this person may take away from our rizq? Or that person may withdraw or withhold something from our provisions? Or our income may be depleted for this reason or that reason?

Allah SWT says in the Quran in surah Mulk: “Are these people able to provide for you your rizq, If Allah SWT withholds rizq from you?” If Allah SWT decrees there is no rizq for you, then it does not matter if all of the universe comes together to provide and if Allah SWT decrees there is rizq for you then likewise the whole universe cannot do nothing to take the rizq away from you. Also, from the essential points from our aqeeda (beliefs) when it comes to this issue of rizq, is that we know when we acknowledge and we have eman (faith) in this issue, that the rizq from Allah SWT has distributed from amongst us, it is from His infinite wisdom and mercy. Allah SWT gives rizq and it is not based upon your lineage or family name. It is not based upon your qualifications. It is not based upon the colour of your skin or the language that you speak or the nationality that you hold. It is not based upon any of those issues but it is Allah SWT who decrees and distributes rizq as He pleases.

It is Allah SWT who has given some of you preference over others in terms of rizq. It is Allah SWT who decides. Not you, not your father, not your boss, not your parents, no one but Allah SWT who decrees this and this why Allah SWT with His infinite wisdom has decreed that within your own community or family who is extremely educated. Extremely well cultured. Extremely well mannered or very bright, yet they will have very little rizq. Yet there is someone else within your community who doesn’t speak a word of english, probably just arrived from abroad, doesn’t have any qualifications but he will be extremely successful and wealthy. That is the decree of Allah SWT. That is what Allah SWT has decreed for us.

I will post part three tomorrow insha’Allah

*Written from the lecture “Rizq Is From Allah” by Ahsan Hanif

Part 1: https://mshabazz33.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/rizq-is-from-allah-part-1/

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