Words For You To Forever Remember & Keep

What is motivation and why do you lack it? We struggle to find motivation every single day. Whether it is just waking up on time or just even simply getting off your bed in the morning. We try to motivate ourselves in every possible way but it just doesn’t happen. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to motivate ourselves. We look at others and wonder why, they can accomplish so many things, become successful while we sit here struggling, knowing we can achieve the same success.

Motivation starts with a belief in oneself in being successful, by any means necessary. We can motivate ourselves but we refuse to do it, knowing we can. We have become accustomed to lazy. Lazy has become such a huge part our lives, we refuse to let it go. We refuse to get over this lazy hump. We struggle and struggle and struggle to get over this hump.

In order to motivate yourself, it must begin with you. It must begin today in order for you to prepare for tomorrow. For your future. It has to come with the thought of success in mind, in whatever it may be. Success begins with motivation. It’s like a pump of adrenaline and you just want to accomplish it, by any means necessary. There should be nothing or no one blocking your way. No barricade will hold you back. No words will destroy that drive or that pump of adrenaline you have within

You must repeatedly tell yourself, I can and will achieve or surpass my goals. I will gain success. I will, I will, I will. “Can” should be secondary for everything. “I will” is primary. Replace “if”, “maybe”, “later” and all those other words with “I will” and “I can”. These are the words that you must put in your mind when attempting to accomplish something. When motivating yourself.

You must have the belief in yourself all the time and of course in Allah as well. Without Allah there is nothing or no one. No task can be achieved. You must be get over those days of struggling to become a better person. You must over come those days, to leave the past. Motivate yourself and realize, there is more to me and more to gain, than living in the moment I am living in. Because what your living in, you obviously think it is not what you are capable of. You know what your capable of and you know what you can achieve so why would you settle for less? Why settle for less when everything around you, is continuously moving on without you?

Motivate yourself. Richness begins in the mind. It beings with an idea. It begins with a spark of interest. It begins with believing “I will” and “I can”. Richness is not in wealth, richness is in the mind. If you are able to believe in yourself, there is no need to have doubts. Be confident in what your doing. If you are fearful of failures and that is what’s stopping you from achieving your goals, you’ll never get out of it. Failures will come and are apart of life and growing as individuals. So don’t let that stop you.

If you believe things are perfect and are attempting to achieve perfect, it will never happen. The more you attempt to craft something perfect, you will craft more errors along the way and shoot yourself in the foot. There is no perfect! Perfection is built with many, many, many imperfections and even then, it will never be perfect. You’ll fall, you’ll fail but you must learn from those errors. Take those errors, put them in a part of your mind and learn from them. Learn from your errors. Don’t continue to make those same errors over and over again. Your errors are your stepping stones into a better tomorrow, into a better future.

Everything starts with a belief in yourself. To become a better person. To know you are capable of doing anything in this world. People will doubt you but it is up to you, to believe those doubts and let them break you down. Our greatest failures, doubts, losses, first begin in our mind. We envision these losses. You are the motivator. You are the belief. You are everything Allah has invested in you! So start believing. Have faith in yourself and of course, Allah first. No one else.

Always continue the climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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