When Seeking A Spouse

When seeking a spouse, you are looking for a person that is ideal for you. If a person comes along and is not ideal for you, do not go and attempt to customize them in order to fulfill that ideal image.

People are not like restaurant menu items, where you are able to customize your dish and remove things and add things that you desire. You can substitute the rice for pasta, salad with or without croutons, spicy or mild, etc.

People come as they are, with good manners or bad manners. Smokers or non-smokers, praying salaah or does not pray salaah, hijab or no hijab. You cannot customize them. That is up to them to decide and realize what is beneficial and what is not. If the person is not ideal for you, be patient because Allah knows and you do not. Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt.

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