The Belief, The Understanding & The Monotheistic Belief

The Belief

Those of you who believe God does not exist. You have a clear understanding of what you’re using to read this message from, has been created by someone else. Those clothes you’re wearing, have been created by someone else. You must know by now, everything has a creator and nothing appears randomly. For this world or message or your clothes to appear by chance does not make any sense. Something this magnificent, like this world could not have been created by man because man still seeks to find what else is out there. A creator does indeed exist. Nothing appears by chance. For you to fail to believe God, your bloodlines creator does not exist, you fail to exist because you didn’t appear by chance.


The Understanding

Lets say you believe in God. That a creator does exist. Which is true because it makes sense. Nothing appears randomly. Everything is placed with or without you knowing. Lets say you believe your God is an idol, a statue. Now, in order for that idol, statue to exist, it has to have been created by someone else. It just didn’t appear in this world by chance. Look at the world and how it operates. How things like buildings, statues or any type of structure comes about. It has come from the hands of someone. Someone had to have put it together. A human, put it together. Now, you believing in those idols, do you believe that you are worshiping the idol or the creator of those idols? The men who did create those idols, sleeps, eats, and goes to the bathroom, just as every human does. So how could someone created by a human, be God? If those idols fall, you can go buy another. Can you really buy another God? Can God be created by a human being?

The belief in idols being God(s) has already been denounced. You can’t buy God(s) nor can people build them. It’s not logical. You can’t build a God because God has built this whole universe. Now the belief in believing that God was born. How is that possible? If God was born, then we must be in our own ways, be Gods as well because we’re born the same way as God, right? Now a God who sleeps, wakes up, uses the bathroom, needs money to buy necessities, eats and gets sick, can really be God? Can God come in human form and then just disappear? Can God bleed just like us? Feel pain just like us? Yes, he created us but one must realize it’s not possible. A creator of this magnitude cannot die. If your creator, your God dies, then we all die because again, he is the creator of everything. So if God dies then nothing else is obviously left behind. So ask yourself, can a God be born the same way we have been born? Can a God sleep, wake up, eat, use the bathroom and get sick, just like us? Does God need money to survive or food to survive, just like us?


Monotheistic Belief

You now understand that God does indeed exist. That God indeed is not an idol or man. These two are not logical because the idol can be broken and is also man made. A God being human and then dies, cannot be God either because God started it all. Every creation has a beginning. Every book has a beginning and ending. Everything placed in front of you, will indeed parish one way or another. Nothing exist forever. Everything expires. God cannot be 3, God can only be 1. You can only have 1 biological father and mother, you cannot have two because it’s not possible.  God is not placed in 2 or 3, then that would be multiple Gods you would be worshiping. God can only be defined as One and One and only. Nothing more, nothing less. If God indeed was made into parts and was multiple, you would have a selection Gods to talk to through out your life. You would ask yourself, which God do I talk to tonight? Which God do I go to if I die? Which God created everything? Just as if you had two biological fathers or mothers, you would ask them, which one of you did I come from? Multiple Gods? Multiple biological parents?

Lets say there are multiple Gods, each one would have to have distinct traits or characteristics in order for them to be more than one and in order for people to accept them. If these Gods were all alike, why would you worship the rest and not worship One? Even children who are born twins may look a like but have different personalities which make them different from one another but the only thing about them is, is that they look a like that is it. So the concept of multiple Gods cannot be or even exist because even then, each one is different and if one is different from another, then that takes away the purpose of even having A creator. A logically thinking person will then question, so which God created the Universe? Which God created me? Which God do I go to if I die? If you are asking yourself these questions, then your belief in your religion is highly doubtful. 

Wouldn’t it make sense to worship One God? Doesn’t it already make sense that you wake up to one biological mother or father? If those don’t exist, you already know you came from a biological mother and father. Does it make sense for someone to go to jail or be punished for your crimes? Of course not. So how would it make sense for someone to die for your sins? Through out your life, you have been held accountable for everything you have done, whether good or bad. If you did something good you were rewarded for it and if you did something bad, you obviously were punished for it, so why would someone else have to be punished for what you did? The law holds you accountable today if you were to steal or murder someone and get caught or even a lesser crime to run a red light. So again, ask yourself wouldn’t it make sense to worship One God? Does it make sense to hold someone else accountable for my sins?

Life simply does not work that way and never has. No matter how you try to piece the puzzles or clues together, it never has. Worshiping One God has always made sense because it all comes back to One and One and only. Not 3 or 20, just 1. 

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