Temporary Fulfillment

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. Asalamwalikhum (Peace be upon you). I am writing this piece for many brothers and sisters that I may know or may not know me. This is also for the non-muslims that may know me or may not know me. This message embedded in these words, also goes out for me because I know, I am not without sin. No human is perfect and neither am I and Allah knows best.

This message is for those who are struggling with their deen (religion). With their self worth. With their image of who they attempt to be and who they are supposed to be. Everything in this life, as you may know, is a test. Whether something good or something bad happens. With hardships, come ease. Everything in this life, is temporary.

Whatever you may be chasing in this life, whether it is money, cars, women, the latest fashion, all of it is temporary. Nothing is coming with us, we will leave all of it behind. Some of you may have other dreams of becoming successful business men or just becoming successful.

You may attain all of that, you may attain none of it. After you attain that couple hundreds of dollars or that car, or the girl or whatever it is, you’ll still be chasing more and more and more because in your heart, no matter what, you aren’t going to be happy. All of this is temporary fulfillment.

What is more of a benefit to you? Temporary fulfillment or complete happiness? You may think and say, well, I want the best of both worlds because with temporary fulfillment, I can have what I always wanted to have and with complete happiness, I am a complete human being.

In reality, you can’t have the best both worlds because in order to have complete happiness, you have to leave what is temporary behind. A lot of us have that fear in mind or that doubt or some thing that makes us want what is temporary more than ever and that person is, no other than shaytan (devil). 

Shaytan (devil) has taken the role of leading us humans, children of Adam, astray. In reality, he has been doing a great job on a lot of us. The clothing we wear, the music, the way we speak, what we sell to attain this temporary happiness, the zina (premarital sex) we participate in and many other things, have lead us to where? I’ll let you answer that question yourselves because I truly know, you know the answer.

We as muslims and those who Inshallah (Will Of Allah), will be joining us in Islam soon, need to understand and I can’t stress this enough, everything in this life is temporary. We need to look at ourselves and ask ourselves one simple question. If I die tomorrow, will I have died as a follower of Islam or did I die in the path of trying to fulfill my temporary fulfillment?

Brothers and sisters, muslims, we have been given a duty by Allah, to be muslims. To follow in the path of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). To gain peace and I am going to be real with you, is not through this temporary fulfillment that goes by day to day. It’s not at all. You as a muslim, knows how it feels when you pray salat (5 daily obligatory prayers). When you press your head on that ground and turn to give salam, you know the feeling is beautiful and can’t be found else where.

When was the last time you actually prayed salah? Everything that you have put before salat, will be there. You know it’ll be there but time and time again, you have sat there, stood there, going about your business with shaytan whispering in your ear, saying, “In a few minutes more, you’ll pray, just finish what your doing.” By that time, Magrhib has finished and you say, oh well, I’ll pray Isha.

It doesn’t take you no more than 50 minutes or less, to pray all 5 of your salahs and that is within 24 hours. Whether you have prayed them on time or not. Only 50 minutes. You divide that time and that’s 10 minutes for each salah. Is ten minutes really that hard for you to give up? Or is 10 minutes else where more important to you?

What is more important? To speak to your creator? to give your all to your creator? to be grateful to your creator? Or is your temporary joy more important? Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah)

Brothers and sisters, we can’t let the world of temporary joy lead us to the hell fire. We simply can’t afford to have that happen but Allah knows best.

May Allah give us all the guidance, the responsibility, the Iman (faith) to go in the way of the Prophets. May Allah open our eyes to this world of temporary joy and let us break free of shaytan that has been leading us astray. May Allah forgive us of our sins and may Allah give us all, a place in Jannah (heaven). Without Allah, we are nothing…. Ameen


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