Stars, Sun & Moon (Poem)


This is for the sun in my life

The stars that gaze over me at night

The moon that shines so brightly over us

As their stars gaze up on me

My heart smiles and I smile back

Can’t hold back my feelings even though they have been hurt

I just look out for them and wonder

Why can they only cause this much happiness in my life?

As the sunsets, I can’t help but fear their fear

As the days and years go by, I still have the same fear

Will they feel the pain we all felt?

So I hold them close to me and shield their fears

When the sun goes down and the moon rises

The night falls and the stars come out again

My heart smiles again

As they age, I hope to bring wisdom in their lives

As they have brought happiness and responsibility in my life

Can’t wait to see the sun, the stars and the moon again

Eternal happiness and I don’t want it to end

And if that sun, star and moon is taken from me

It would be as if, I had died and apart of me was taken

Sacrifice my life for them

Because they are everything my old earth, has given to their earth

You are forever my sun, my stars and my moon

Love you

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