I’m passionate. I’m dedicated. If I love something, I continue to pursue it until the wheels fall off. It can be a struggle but you know, I won’t leave. I love every bit that I do and put forward everyday and no matter the outcome, I still smile and say, keep working, never give up. Life will give you its difficult phases but its a learning process and you learn from every bit of it. Never give up on those you care for and love. Always support them, always motivate them, always inspire them and do it not because you want to get rewarded but because you love them for the sake of Allah. Never be satisfied with what you have done today because there is always more work to be done. You have a goal in mind, go get it knowing when you do, go onto another. There is never enough of what you can do or learn. Learning is a continuous process and when you go to learn, learn as if you know nothing and come prepared to be taken on a journey that will be worth your time. Time is precious and we need every bit of it. Invest your time into the beneficial things first and everything else will come second. We only have 24 hours in a day and put the most into what you want to do and what you love. Love with an open mind, with an open heart. Love not blindly but love carefully and love knowing Allah knows best of what it will become. There is more to life then its material pleasures, seek further within yourself and you’ll tap abilities which you’ve never known. We all are built efficient, worth while, knowledgeable, extraordinary, spectacular, brilliant, more valuable than rings to a basketball player, more valuable than the wbc belt to a boxer, more valuable than the stanley cup to a hockey player and more valuable of what you think of yourself everyday. Beauty is within all of us and only takes us to believe in ourselves to know how beautifully we have been created, never think otherwise and never believe otherwise. Never give up, always keep hope alive and continue the grind knowing you will meet your creator one day. 

Insha’allah (If Allah Wills)

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