Psychological Warfare


What is so interesting about psychological warfare and bad people? I’ll explain in the paragraphs below. So you have may have a better understanding on what goes on when people are hit with the spotlight. So next time you see someone on T.V. and you wonder why, they act this way, you’ll understand. Rather than judge them for who they may not actually be.

People enjoy seeing a villain. Why do you think boxers like James Toney are worth watching at press conferences and interviews? Why do you think Ricardo Mayorga is well known? Because of his boxing skill? No, because he is a villain. Why do you think Ali had so many people around him? Why do you think they called him the Louisville Lip? Because he had an answer for everything!! He had balls and would speak out. Why do you think Bernard Hopkins speaks wild in interviews and press conferences? So when it’s time to get into the ring, his opponents have already been defeated. They drop their game plan and just come out furious!!

Mayweather is entertaining on 24/7 because he shows a lavish life and doesn’t care what people think. He talks shit about his opponents. About Shane Mosley – He musta woke up in the Hot Tub Time Machine with that jheri curl. This is ENTERTAINMENT. If you want to see people smile, hug and say I love you… watch Barney. People don’t enjoy watching a guy who says he loves God and smiles all day long and pretends to be the Queen Of England waving all the time.

Why do you think cartoons have villains? It’s because there has to be a villain. It creates tension, it creates mystery. It leaves us wondering why people do these things? So it keeps us interested the entire way through.

Batman would not be entertaining without the Joker, Penguin, Killer Croc, The Riddler. You’re going to watch a show, where Batman just swoops down and saves people the entire time? Saves them from burning buildings? That is boring.

You’re not going to play video games that way either. Just saving people constantly from buildings and cars. Why? Because your continuously doing the same thing over and over again. Then, when you add friction into a sequence, people become interested again. “Like woaaaaaaaaah… what’s going on? Why is this person doing this?”

There are too many people attempting to be “good”. We try to be good everyday but once we see someone acting bad, we automatically turn our attention to them and keep an eye out. This is why Floyd Mayweather Jr has been successful this generation in the public eye. Whenever the cameras are on him, he is keeping that bad guy image, that has been revealed to us by the media. To have people hate him. To have people say, “BLEEP Mayweather. I hope he gets knocked.” So they order the PPV and watch him do what he does best and that is show off the sweet science.

Ali did the same thing to all his opponents. But when the camera wasn’t on him, he was this different individual. When he wanted to get into peoples head, he did it. He tried that once against Sonny Liston in a Casino and Liston slapped him. Liston was an OG (Original Gangster). A no non-sense type of guy.

Ali knew, if I act this way when the cameras are on me, I’ll get more and more attention from the public. More and more people will be interested in my character. This is what sells tickets. This is what puts ass in seats. You may think a guy acting “humble”, smiling for the camera is going to do that? It may do it for a short time but after that, it becomes boring. Not a lot of eyes are on you.

We humans get bored very quickly. So we find a way to stay interested in something. It’s just like relationships. If you and your significant other continue to do the same thing everyday, the relationship will become boring and a fight will happen. That will create a spark and you two will find something new to reveal to each other.

People want to be entertained and what is the best way to entertain someone? Create a bad guy image. Pretend you’re this real evil guy. So when people watch you, they keep talking about you. When you leave your home and the public sees you, they talk about you. They whisper about you because you are so entertaining, you are filling a void in their lives.

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