Our Mothers (Poem)


They carry us for 9 months inside their belly

Protecting us every day until were ready

Out from the womb and into a life danger

Cold world so they wrap us up in their love

Working 2 jobs and one of them is taking care of us

Crying all night, keeping them awake

Whether they have slept for a few hours or not

As long as my baby is safe

Food in our stomach, clothing acquired

They could careless about themselves

As long as my baby ate

Mentally and physically we grow but it is because of them

We still lack in respect but they never hate

Guiding us the best they possibly can

But again, we spit hate

Telling them we hate them for what they did

“You ruined our lives”

But what they could have done was not give us life

And still they carry us as if we are growing in their womb

Shedding light on what you may be exposed to

This is a mothers love and it cannot be denied

You may be grown but your mother still hears your cries

Console your pains and gives you that sparkle in your eye

Love your mothers for what you have become

Love your mothers for everything they have done

No woman will ever love you like your mother

Even though you may feel differently

she will only be your truest lover

Appreciate them because their time is ticking

Love them with your all because their time is ticking

Embrace them as they embraced you

Respect them even though they may disrespect you

A reminder for self

Under your mothers feet is where heaven dwells

Love them, embrace them, take care of them

Just as they spent a life time taking care of you

All they ask is the same in return

Not a place in a retirement home

Love them because no matter what they love you

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