Looks Fade But

Looks do fade over time but if you believe the person is unattractive after looking at them a few times, then there is absolutely no point of going further. All you will do is string them along and then they will get hurt.

You will not purchase tomatoes with spots on them even though inside, it might look good. You will buy the tomatoes that has no spots on them but you are willing to deal with the spots after they appear in a few days or week. Just as there are two cars presented to you. One with rust, the other without. They both have a reasonable amount usage but one has rust and the other does not. You will obviously go with the one without rust because it is more appealing and you will deal with the rust over time, as it appears.

Think before you act upon certain things. Do not do things because you may be pressured. You being pressured, is only going to hurt you and the other person.

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