Learn To Appreciate Your Significant Other

Learn to appreciate your significant other. They don’t HAVE to do anything for you but they do things for you because they appreciate you and you complaining and ordering your significant other around, will not make your significant other do those things for you. They will fight you back just as you order your them around. A simple please and thank you will go along way. If you want something done, learn to compromise.

You may want to eat a specific dish today but your significant other is tired or simply does not want to make it or dislikes it. Instead of being angry and ordering them around, compromise in this situation and say, how about sometime this week you make such and such or if you want them to wear an outfit you like say, because I think it looks really nice on you and it compliments your personality or your character as a person, it makes you and I look together as one.

Being able to correctly word your thoughts goes a long way. It either escalates a situation into being something you didn’t want it to be or it makes a situation easy to come together and complete.

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