How To Overcome Sadness

As children growing up, we would fall down, cry and someone would divert our attention away from the pain. Once our attention was diverted, our sadness and pain would instantly be taken away. We would not worry about that problem anymore but we would be cautious in putting ourselves in that situation again.

We got older and things in our lives started changing real quickly. We hit our teens and we started to rely on a source to console our sadness and our pain. It was the only way we knew how to over come sadness and pain in our lives. As our parents would console them when we were younger, we continuously relied on others to soothe that pain and sadness away. We would always look for that source. Whether it was a friend or someone in the family, there was always someone there to help us through our problems, through our downs.

Some of us looked for another source. Whether it was drinking or smoking your pain and sadness away. Not realizing that once your high or buzz is gone, your living in the same moment thinking of that situation that got you upset.

People are always wondering, no matter what I do in my life, no matter how things go, I am always upset. I am always sad. I always have pain to live through. What people don’t seem to understand is that they are the ones that put themselves in that situation a lot of times. Yeah, a lot of things that happen because Allah is testing you. But once again, you put yourself in many of these situations. Breaking up from relationships, spending all your money, having a sibling rivalry and much more. You put yourself in those situations, not anyone  else. Then your stuck wondering, what am I to do and how do I get myself out of these situations?

You have to understand, not everything happens for a reason. A lot of things happen because you put your foot through a door that was supposed to be closed. You got to quit blaming others for your problems. Blame yourself and take responsibility but also overcome  the obstacles in life. You can’t just sit there day in and day out, wondering if I did this, things would have been different. It’s done, it’s over. Life goes on. Get yourself up and move on with life, as life is going to move on without you regardless. Keeping yourself in a sad state will only psychological destroy you very slowly. It will make you bitter, very slowly. It will destroy strong relationships you have with friends, very slowly. Only for you to destroy yourself and lose everything in the end.

Start thinking positive. Everything has to be positive from this day on. Put the drink down, put the weed or whatever else your on and take responsibility of your life. These drugs don’t do NOTHING for you and will NEVER do anything except keep you in the same hole you’ve been in all your miserable life. If something occurs in your life, learn to accept it. Acceptance is going to take you a long way and will help you over come being sad. If you can accept what is occurring at that moment, you got nothing else to worry about. But if you’re going to continue to think about that situation and put “IF” every where, you’re not helping yourself.

You being miserable makes everyone else miserable. People don’t like being around miserable people. People don’t like hearing you complain day in and day out, while they’ve given you solutions to your problems. The solutions are there, it is up to you to take initiative and solve the problems.

When you think of that sad situation, just smile and say “Alhumdulilah (Thanks To Allah) I have gotten out of a situation that could have been worse but I am glad it is over and Inshallah (Will Of Allah) my life will get better.” Smile everyday. As soon as you wake up, just smile. You might think it’s crazy to do but it works. It will make you feel better.

Also surround yourself with positive people. People who will encourage you to be a better person. Don’t surround yourself with people who continue to say negative things day in and day out. “My life sucks, I wish it could be better.” Get away from those people and surround yourself with people who appreciate life and what is given to them. When people start to appreciate what is given to them, you will automatically see, that these people appreciate the “little” things in life. People appreciate cars, jewelry but these people, appreciate that they are alive, they are healthy. People think these are “little” things but these are huge things compared to cars and other materialistic things.

So next time when something bad occurs in your life, smile and just accept it. Some things happen because you were never supposed to open the door and see or experience those things but you were very ignorant. Some things happen because it is in Allah (God) hands. Appreciate life and what is given to you. Others don’t have as much as you and they are still happy. While you may have everything and you are willing to give up on life because you can’t have whatever it may be.

In life, lessons come in various shapes and forms. It is up to you to be intelligent enough to understand these lessons. Appreciate life, accept life and don’t give up on it. Be positive and appreciate the “little” things. Most important of all, smile and give thanks to Allah (God).

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