Have You (Poem)

Have you ever been in love?

When I mean love..

Love as in, no matter what kind of love you have, you’ll cry?

You’ll do things you never thought of before

You’ll think of things you never thought of before?

You ever had someone jealous of you?

Jealous because what you got, they can’t have

They can’t have this thing no matter how hard they try?

So they pass you off and hate you for no reason at all?

They smile in your face just so they can get close to you?

You ever hugged someone in your life?

That when you two just touch, things seem to get brighter on cloudy days?

Whatever problems you may have that day

They seem to evaporate just like rain?

You ever had someone in your life unhappy because your happy?

And whatever you do still makes them unhappy?

But when they were in the same spot as you, their unhappiness was the end of the world?

But now that your in the same spot, your happiness makes them unhappy?

You ever had religion interfere with something in your life?

Sometimes you just want to say, whats the purpose of my life?

So you open up a holy scripture and read about the after life?

You ever looked at the time and said to yourself

What do I ever do with my time?

I am intelligent but all I ever do is intake the vision teller?

Than you just want to get up and do something with your time?

You ever lay in your bed and miss someone in your life?

So you reach out for them every night, wishing they were there?

And once they are there with you

You just close your eyes or don’t want to close them at all?

And when you wake up next to them, its like looking at one of the wonders of the world?

You ever read something about someones life

Than sit back, and think wow, I got it so good but all I do is want more?

But when you get more, you can’t handle it all?

You ever been through a struggle?

And when you go through that struggle and you accomplish whatever it may be

Doesn’t it feel good?

Some people may say, a struggle isn’t good but I say, a struggle builds character

Sometimes in life, when you struggle for something and succeed, it feels better

Rather than going through something with ease

You ever had your heart broken in places?

That no matter what you did to make it go away, it was still there

And the only way for it to heal, is to be with that person that broke it?

You ever had happiness in your life that you felt was only temporary?

It was there for a day or so and than gone the next?

Than living the same way you did before, all depressed?

We all go through these things in life

Some just go through it more than others

Some just don’t understand life and some do

Some will never learn to love others and some will love everyone

Some will succeed and some will succeed to hate others

But we all have somethings in life we will never understand

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