Facing Obstacles, Doubters & Being Positive

In life, you will face obstacles. You will face those that doubt you. Those that undermine your progress and achievements. You will face those that will reject you because they are in it for a materialistic gain or you are not valued as they thought you were. You will face those that want you to fail, who pray you fail. Who only see a miserable failure, who will amount to nothing. You will face those who shove their achievements in your face, stick their chest out and put you down. You will face those who think that intelligence is in the degrees and Phd they’ve attained. Life is nasty and the people apart of this world can be as nasty, cold hearted, materialistic, envious, filled with a bunch of people chasing the dunya (world) day in and day out. 

People who only have faith in themselves and not the creator. They worry their brain out, worrying about the sustenance, the rizq that will be provided tomorrow but little do they know, it is already provided for them. People who only have faith in now and not being optimistic about tomorrow. People who will look for the littlest flaws in you, pick them out and shove them in your face. People who will reject you because your status or reputation in society is not as high as everyone else’s. You can be a taxi driver and be looked at a slave with no intelligence. While a man sits in a office is praised. 

They want to eat you up. They don’t want to see you successful. They want to put you in the same bubble they’ve formed based on what society has told them. If you aren’t apart of that bubble, you will never succeed but these words Ill always remember, “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to be breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Life has its gains and life has its foes. Life has its pros and life has its cons. Those that will smile in your face, then deceive you and con you. Those that say they love you and want to spend the rest of your life with you, while only looking at the digits in your bank either increase or decrease. Love decreases, then they disappear. They call it true love but it wasn’t meant to be, I call it a breath of fresh air. 

Worry not about yesterday but what you will implement from yesterday into today. Life can be disastrous, a spiral, uneasy, a roller coaster, depressing, sad, as dark as the night and darker than a shadow but look at the beauty of it all. In the same dark night, there are beautiful stars. In that roller coaster, there is an excitement, a thrill and heart racing fun. With all those that doubted you, there was a desire in you to prove them wrong. With all those that envied you, you knew only Allah could protect you. You knew what is only attained is through the Will of Allah and it cannot be taken away except by the Will of Allah. In those same depressing thoughts, you knew there was Allah and only turned to Allah.

Life was never meant to be easy, as you will be faced with obstacles after obstacles. Test after test. Test are either in what is provided to you or through people who are put in front of you. Those that will use you and those that will love you. Those that will help you and those that will take advantage of you. In these test are for you to reflect and turn, be thankful and repent. Your patience increases or decreases. Your help is appreciated or your help is a favour for another favour. Either you are genuine in your deeds or you are waiting to be accepted and loved through your deeds. Life either blossoms for you or it rots through your sins. This cycle can either be vicious or it can be fruitful but each is a blessing, as you learn through both. 

In the end, a smile counts. Your deeds will be weighed. The person in the mirror is only temporary, just as the mirror will be replaced. You either grow with time or you get buried in time. Life was never meant to be easy but can be put to ease through a positive mind, your salah and remembrance of Allah. Nothing matters in the end. Those that accept you and those that reject you. Only you will be standing toe to toe with your creator, answering for what you followed and how you did. Don’t be deceived about the degrees, cars, money and how lavish you lived. Paradise can be attained through a righteous spouse and righteous friends. Not how much money you invested into a house and bought a benz. 

No matter through it all, continue to smile because life is as beautiful as your reflection in the mirror. Allah creates everything perfectly and everything through His wisdom. Don’t be sad about what others expect and can you fulfill them because human desire can never be fulfilled. Fulfill what is commanded, that is your 5 pillars of Islam. Be a positive individual, smile as much as you can. Life can be worse or you could be dead but Allah has given you another day, what more can you ask for? Even if life is vicious, you have time on your hands and the past to grow from. The future to better and build a legacy to be remembered. No matter what life throws at you, you get up and keep going. Smile as often as you cried and remember death as often as you sleep. This isn’t the end. This is just the beginning to a better life. The blueprint has been laid through the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) and the Quran. 

Hold tight onto the rope of Allah because he who has Allah has everything. 

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