Don’t Keep Thinking Of The Past

Don’t keep thinking of what you did in the past, instead be thinking of what you should be doing. Don’t be stuck in the memories of sorrow, regretfulness, pain, tears, hardships. Instead create better memories by being as positive as you can be and being a person who finds even the most littlest blessings in his or her life.

You can either be for yesterday filled with sorrow and hurt or you can be for today, for now, for this time and onward for being positive and loving what the creator has decreed for you. Not everything that happens is as bad as it may seem. It may take time to open your eyes to see the wisdom behind it but learn from your mistakes.

Don’t drown in the sea of sorrows but learn to swim. Choices are apart of life. Be the person that makes a choice to improve their life. Time is precious. Don’t waste it on what has happened but be resourceful and manage it on what should be happening.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Keep Thinking Of The Past

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