Don’t Ever Say

Don’t ever say, someone is better than me at this or someone is better than me at that. Always encourage yourself to see yourself in a better position in life. You don’t want to take their position but you want to look at their position in life as encouragement. As motivation. 

When you have that belief that this person is better than me at this, you only discourage yourself from aiming for that position in life. It’s not about ego nor is it about arrogance. It’s about being confident. There is no competition in life. Your biggest competitor is your mind. It either becomes your greatest weapon or it becomes your greatest weakness. 

Again, you don’t want to be someone with an ego or someone who is arrogant but you want to be confident. The positions you see people in are through hard work and dedication because they’ve never for one moment discouraged themselves and if and when they did, they kept going because they knew the competition is within the mind and not in people. 

View yourself as confident and constantly encourage yourself to be better and to do better. We aren’t perfect and we have our downs in life but keep on going. Look at people as encouragement, as motivation, not as if they are better than me and I am not better than them. Always in down times, turn to Allah for everything.

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