Don’t Compare Your Marriage

Don’t compare your marriage to another persons marriage. That person may display their love differently compared to you and your spouse and somethings your spouse may do better than another persons spouse and another person may want that but you don’t appreciate that. What you already have is already better than what you had. Don’t go messing things up because of what you don’t have but be happy with you have.

It’s different if your spouse is not displaying love to you at all, then you speak to them but if you already have something good, don’t go asking for more and more and more because another person has it. Your spouse may love you more physically while another persons spouse loves them emotionally or affectionately or is more compassionate, etc. You are not going to get the total package because some may only display what they are taught or what they feel they should be doing.

Communication breaks all barriers so if you are looking to express yourself and you don’t know how, communicate in forms which is comfortable to you. Communication doesn’t have to be verbally. If you are good at writing, then write a letter. If you are a romantic type, set something up for your spouse which they’ll enjoy. People have a major misconception of how love should be displayed and then they compare to others. Just be comfortable in your skin and love your spouse to the best of your ability but if you are not doing your part, then best believe, you are creating a sink hole in your marriage and the longer you neglect your spouse, the sink hole becomes wider and deeper.

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