Communication Advice Part 1

Communication is the key to everything. Whether it is getting a job or even simply getting a discount on an item in the store (looking at you cheap folks). Especially when it comes to relationships. It can be with your significant their or even a family member. You can worry about saying the wrong thing or you can worry about saying the right thing or you can worry about saying nothing at all, which leads to nothing but worries. It’s better to express in the best, possible, polite manner which usually relieves the burden which was created by your thoughts. You are tackling more obstacles in the process by keeping it to yourself. Problems just don’t go away. New things just don’t appear by themselves. Either it is a communication with your brain that brings functions to your hands or a communication with your brain that brings function and fruition to a plan towards a problem that already exists.

A problem that already exists can only go as far as you let it go. The longer it consumes your mind, the longer it will consume and deteriorate your love for the other person. Do not be afraid to express yourself, especially towards someone you say you love and care about. If you love and care about that person as you say you do, being expressive, not rude, expressive and honest  will most likely create a better relationship only if that person is as understanding and loving as you think they are. Sometimes they feel like you are changing them but only bettering the relationship for the both of you.

Then sometimes communication can lead to a broken relationship that was never broken but only broken because you felt and needed something to change. It is sometimes better to observe and accept, rather than being expressive and demanding change where it may be minor. These minor things you feel that need change shouldn’t be troublesome but only a change in the weather for a short while. Only communicate larger scale issues that you feel have actually put a dent into the relationship. If you feel as if things have started slowly shifting from the time relationship has begun, to where it is now and the changes are major then communicate your problems with your significant other. Again, minor issues sometimes should be accepted but major issues should be expressed. If you feel the minor issue is going to grow into a bigger issue, then feel free to express yourself but be careful because it may not take you to where you feel there may be peace.

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